Dec 30, 2012

T-shirt design competition

Recently I was asked to join the Wolf T-shirt design competition

Normally I'm not a big fan of competitions, but I found this a nice challenge:
Make a design in only two colors for a children's T-shirt.
It was interesting to integrate the color of the T-shirt in the design
And make it three colored this way :-)

Here's the link to the Muscle Man
You could vote for him, if you like him... ;-)

Here's the link to Little Red Cat
Of course she like votes too :-)
Thanks in advance!

You can still send in your your entries till the 1th of January

Dec 28, 2012

inspiration: Klaas Gubbels

I'm reading a book about life and work of Klaas Gubbels,
a famous Dutch artist. His work fascinates me.

Especially the fact he paints the same subjects
(mostly tables and coffeepots) over and over again
and makes so many variations on this theme.

...doing more with less...

Here you can find a little interview
about his way of working and inspirations.

Dec 25, 2012

Mèèèèrry Christmas

I wish you all a vèèèèry mèèèèrry Christmas!
Although it's not white, I hope it will be warm ;-)

Dec 18, 2012

inspiration: various artists 12

Another post in the series: various artists.
I love the looseness and the freedom in the work of the following artists.

from left to right:
Elise Wilk
Katherine Streeter
Sarah Evans
Karlee Rawkins

Dec 11, 2012

inspiration: Maira Kalman

I love the work of Maira Kalman, a very inspiring illustrator.
She makes whymsical narrative illustrations: "I want everything I do
to be connected in an absurd, funny way".

These are two books I've bought some time ago:
varous illuminations and the principles of uncertainty.

Here you can find her TED talk:
Maira Kalman, the illustrated woman.
Have an inspiring day :-)

Dec 9, 2012

101 kerstkaarten - countdown

In Holland we have the "101 kerstkaarten - countdown"
organized by Dutch Magazine: 101 woonideeën

From now till christmas every day various christmas cards
from Dutch designers / illustrators will be published on their blog.

Today my christmas cards: angel Billy and Milly are on :-)
including a link to my shop . I'm ready for the orders ;-)

You can also find the growing collection
of the christmas cards countdown on pinterest

angel Milly and other christmascards are also featured
on the Zo wie So blog

May your wishes come true... :-)

Dec 6, 2012

yoga cards in yoga studios

Four or five times a week I start my day
with a bikram yoga class. It's a good beginning!

It inspired me to make these yogacards. I wrote about them before
Not that I can do these postures, by far not, but at least I can try... ;-)
Or let me inspire by the quotes...

Here's the NEWS: these cards are now
also sold in the bikram yoga studio's Rotterdam and Den Haag.

I searched for nice display racks, the cards fit exactly.
of course the yoga inspiration cards are also still available in my shop

Dec 5, 2012


today we celebrate In Holland Sinterklaas
It's an old dutch tradition. He comes with his horse on the roofs
and brings lots of presents to the dutch children.

Read more about this tradition here

Dec 2, 2012

Art Diary / Kunstagenda 2013

Since I opened my shop, I have to learn many new things
for example: product photography
How to make attractive photos of the products.

These are new photos of the Art Diary / Kunstagenda 2013

I often hear: "your products look nicer in real than online".
Of course this is a nice compliment and it is better this way
than the other way around, but I wanna improve these skills too!

If you wanna see the difference, between the photos I took before
and these new ones, have a look here
I know they are still far from perfect, but it's improving :-)

As said the Art Diary looks better in real. There are
only a few copies left in the Red Cheeks Factory shop
So, if you wanna see it yourself, it might be a nice christmas gift... ;-)

Nov 29, 2012

christmas angel cards

I'm happy to announce there are some
special angel christmas cards available
in the Red Cheeks Factory shop

Angel Billy
He tries hard to bring luck to everyone,
but I have to confess, he's still learning ;-)

Angel Milly (Billy's sister)
She is very good in fullfilling wishes...
Maybe if you send her to a friend, it works... :-)

Nov 27, 2012

Red Cheeks Factory shop update

Still working on the Red Cheeks Factory shop to improve it.
Bigger images and a renewed homepage
What do you think?

Nov 23, 2012

Delicious Dudes Quartets - Biceps Billy

The 4th card for the Delcious Dudes Quartets
Biceps Billy, he is part of the 'Marvelous Machos'

1st card: Hairy Harry
2nd card: Flirty Fred
3rd card: Wealthy William

You can read more about this project here

Nov 19, 2012

Nov 18, 2012

it's raining likes (hallelujah)

It's raining likes today on my Red Cheeks Factory facebookpage
Over 1000 people like it! Red cheeks again :-))

Nov 16, 2012

Delicious Dudes Quartets - Wealthy William

The 3rd card for the Delcious Dudes Quartets
Wealthy William, he is part of the 'Marvelous Machos'
1st card: Hairy Harry
2nd card: Flirty Fred

You can follow this project also on twitter
hashtags #DD #quartets
and read more about it here

Nov 15, 2012

face a day fine art prints

High quality fine art prints available
from the highlights of the face a day series.
Check out the Red Cheeks Factory shop

Nov 14, 2012

Delicious Dudes Quartets halfway

We are halfway the Delcious Dudes Quartets project:
a group of illustrators are making a quartet game together
Each illustrator has a different theme and makes
four quartets cards during the month November.
It's already a fun collection of dudes and we are only halfway... :-)

I'm honoured to be part of this great project.
So many nice and enthusiastic illustrators are involved.
I like to intoduce them here on my blog:

Ina Hattenbauer
Yina Kim
Becka Moor
Marloes de Vries
Katriona Chapman
Ellen Vesters
Minke Advokaat
Nancy Kers
Tineke Meirink
Miriam Bos
and me, Nelleke Verhoeff :-)

Nov 13, 2012

rebelling liberals

"Nivelleren is een feest"

Illustration today on Illustration Daily

("income leveling is enjoyable"), said the leader of the social democrats
last week in the Netherlands about the new government plans.
The voters of the liberal party (VVD) were not amused ...

Nov 11, 2012

paparazzi twins

It has been some time ago, but here are some paparazzi twins for my

Nov 9, 2012

Delicious Dudes Quartets - Flirty Fred

Here's my second card for the 'Delcious Dudes Quartets'
It's Flirty Fred. He's part of the Marvelous Machos
First card: Hairy Harry. You can follow this project
also on twitter, hashtags #DD #quartets

Nov 7, 2012

inspiration: Diane Arbus and more...

Yesterday my brother and I went to the exhibition
of Diane Arbus I really love her work!
Her portraits are so significant.

If you have a chance to visit Foam in Amsterdam,
I would say: GO!

After that we also went to the renewed Stedelijk Muuseum
It's a nice experience to wander in the large rooms,
inspiring building and see a huge variety of art.

Here are two portratis from Marlene Dumas

We started our day with the Last Supper from Andy Warhol in De Nieuwe Kerk.
An imposant pink version of this painting.
We were not alowd to make pictures,
so I borrowed this from the internet:

You know what these are....?

Andy Warhol PUPPETS!!!
They sell them in the souvenir-shop of De Nieuwe Kerk.
My mouth felt open...

Nov 3, 2012

Delicious Dudes Quartets - Hairy Harry

I was kindly invited by Ellen Vesters, a Dutch Illustrator,
to join in a fun game: 'Delcious Dudes Quartets'.

Each illustrator has a different theme and makes
four Quartets cards in the month November.

All the illustrators will post one card a week each friday
on twitter (follow hashtags #DD and #Quartets)
By the end of the month each set is complete.

I chose the theme: 'Marvelous Machos'
Here's my first Macho: 'Hairy Harry'

Nov 1, 2012

Movember 2012

It's Movember again! (the month formerly known as November)
is a moustache growing charity event held during November
each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health.

It inspired me to make this illustration.
You can also find it on Illustration Daily

Last year I made these two illustrations. Remember?

Oct 30, 2012

inspiration: stadsgiraffe

a few days ago I received this little booklet made by
Marike Knaapen an inspiring dutch illustrator from Amsterdam.
It's called: Handbook Collecting Courage. I can use that! :-)

You can also visit her blog Stadsgiraffe (in dutch)

Oct 22, 2012

Kunst Agenda / Art Diary 2013

Looking for a nice diary for 2013?
Maybe the Kunst Agenda / Art Diary 2013 is something for you...

Work from 13 Dutch artists are shown in this Diary.
All very different from each other.
And I am one of them. It includes four works from me :-)

A few copies are available in the Red Cheeks Factory shop

Some of the other artists are:
Margo Kikkert, Jasper Hulshoff Pol and Thea Vos

Oct 17, 2012

Red Cheeks Factory on Exto

Exto is an art website in Holland.
A large collection of mainly Dutch Artists are gathered on this site.
I've made a portfolio website there.

You are welcome to have a look at Red Cheeks Factory on Exto.
It's in Dutch, but when you click on the english flag
you'll get an english version.

Oct 14, 2012

featured on Pikaland

This week Red Cheeks Factory was featured on Pikaland

And if this wasn't enough....
also on two other blogs: Kickcan & Conkers from Deborah Beau
and on the Belgium Wolf blog

All very nice and inspiring blogs, I am honoured :-)

Oct 12, 2012

winner yoga cards

The winner of the set inspiration yoga cards is: Lola!

Thank you all for your kind words and reactions!!
I appreciate that!

These yogacards, art prints and other postcards
are available in the Red Cheeks Factory shop
and of course you are welcome there :-)

ps Lola can you mail me your adress,
so I can send these cards to you.

Oct 5, 2012

FREE yoga card set

To celebrate the opening of the Red Cheeks Factory shop
I will give away a set of these inspiration yoga cards.
If you wanna win this set
leave a comment below.
I will pick the winner randomly next friday (12 Oct)

Of course I will be happy if you tell your friends
about this red cheeks news and...
you are very welcome to visit the shop
See you there? :-)

Oct 4, 2012

Red Cheeks Factory shop online!

Tadaaaaaaaaa! RED CHEEKS news:
finally here it is: my Red Cheeks Factory shop

I'm excited and really curious what you think of it.
Feedback to improve it, is always welcome :-)
Thanks in advance!

Oct 3, 2012

reading in red

I've made this 'reading in red' illustration a while ago:
It fits well in them of illustration friday: this week: book