Mar 28, 2013

Hoedendag Meneer!

I made an illustration for a little poem of author Geert De Kockere

Illustratie bij Hoedendag gedicht van auteur Geert De Kockere

Here it is: (sorry only in dutch, a bit difficult to translate...)

Van de dagen van een jaar
kun je kleurige hoedjes vouwen.
Ernstig als het moet,
grappig als het mag.

Zet ze op, een voor een,
en roep vrolijk ‘Hoedendag!’
‘Hoedendag, meneeer!’
‘Hoedendag, mevrouw!’

Veel meer gedichten van Geert De Kockere vind je hier

inspiration: Cobra Museum

Today I went to the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen.
I like to watch these paintings. I enjoy the freedom and the playfulness of them.
I find it fascinating when I think of the era when they were made, It was all totally new!
Below a few or the many paintings I've seen:


a special exhibition with new work of Armando (dutch painter, now 83 years old)

Karel Appel

Constant Nieuwenhuys


Asger Jorn

Mar 26, 2013

tulpen uit Amsterdam

jongen met een bos tulpen uit Amsterdam, ode aan Herman Emmink

I have a typical dutch song in my head: tulpen uit Amsterdam

Yesterday the singer of this song Herman Emmink died

It's a very romantic song about a promise: when the spring comes,
he will send some tullips from Amsterdam
What words can't say, tullips from Amsterdam can... :-)

I found also a nice version of Annie Palmen from 1957
and here's a very typical dutch barrel organ version (without words)

Mar 24, 2013

Mar 21, 2013

Art and his story

Illustration for a new project I'm working on. I call it project C for now :-)

Mar 19, 2013

Mar 17, 2013

White Weeping Willow

colored birds on weeping willow illustration

"the old White Willow was Weeping,
even the most Whymsical birds couldn''t cheer him up...

This weeks theme of the drawing challenge is willow:
I wanted to play with emotions and contrast: sadness and happiness

Find links to the other willow creations on the blog of Carole

Mar 13, 2013

inspiration: from Cobra to Dumas

Today I went to the exhibition Cobra to Dumas in Singer Museum Laren.
They exhibit a collection of highlights of Dutch Modern Art,
collected by a collectors couple de Heus - Zomer

Among them photographs of Rineke Dijkstra,
paintings of Co Westerik and Lucebert and much more...

But for me the highlight of the exhibition was the work of Marlene Dumas
I was happy they filled a special room with her work!

Mar 9, 2013

fly me to the moon...

fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars

This week I join a drawing challenge.
It's a challenge where a host picks a theme and people post a work
inspired by it on their blog. This week the host is Patrice A.
With a very inspiring subject: the moon

I immediately had this song of Frank Sinatra in my head.
My work is inspired by the first sentence:

'fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars...'

Wouldn't that be just wonderful?
Find the links to the other moon creations here

Mar 8, 2013

Mar 7, 2013

last days of FREE shipping

sailorman anouncing free shipping in the Red Cheeks Factory shop

Tomorrow (friday 8 of March) is the last day you will get FREE shipping
on all giclée art prints in the Red Cheeks Factory shop

I especially made this face to announce it.
It was good to make a face again, after a long time :-)

Mar 6, 2013

interview: the making of Muscle Man

There's a little interview with me about the making of Muscle Man
on the Wolf blog today.

Read about my inspirations and how I came to this winning design
Above is an illustration of my working space.

Mar 5, 2013

spinning twins

illustration for illustration friday: talent
They all three have a special talent for spinning balls

To celebrate the spring this week till friday the 8th of March FREE SHIPPING
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Mar 3, 2013

time for a break

I almost can't believe it! After such a long and cold winter.
But they truly promise it on the news: spring and sun.
If that happens, it's time for a break :-)

Remember it still counts till next friday: FREE shipping on all giclée art prints
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Mar 2, 2013

o happy spring!

O happy spring... I don't mind if you begin...

It's still grey here, but they promise sun and spring, Yeah!
Reason enough to give you this week free shipping on all art prints
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Mar 1, 2013

FREE shipping on ALL art prints!

Always wanted a real 'Red Cheeks' on your wall? This is your chance!

To celebrate the coming spring, (I have it already in my head :-))
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After a long winter it's time for some celebration.
Are you joining the party?