Dec 24, 2013

Fairytale cardboxes of Sara Fanelli

The postman just brought a very nice package:
Two fairytale cardboxes of one of my favorite illustrators: Sara Fanelli.

One Cinderella box and one of Pinokkio.
Both 18 cards which make six illustrations together
Also a little booklet and stamps, all in these nice little boxes.

Last week I was looking for them.
I saw they were available in the library of Rotterdam.
But you can't borrow them, they save them in a special collection.
I asked if I could see them and that was possible.

Two ladies of the library and a security guard walked with me to a special room.
It was locked. I had to wait outside, the cards became more and more special
and mysterious in this way. They brought me the box of Cinderella
and kept waiting while I was looking. So I had a very quick look
and the cards were locked up again.

That evening I found the cards on Markplaats, a Dutch second hand market on internet.
And now I have these 'secret cards' in my home :-)

Dec 23, 2013

inspiration: various artists 16

Here's a new post in the series: various artists.

Really nice work of inspiring artists, which I wanna share with you.
To see more of their work, follow the links beneath:

from left to right:
Emma Virke
Yara Kono
Barbara Dziadosz
Irene Servillo

Dec 18, 2013

selfie: word of the year

In Holland we choose the word of the year.
A word which is new and used a lot during that year

This year it is the word 'selfie', a bit strange because it's almost an english word...
But also the meaning of the word is a bit funny, I think.
People are taking pictures of themselves and place them on social media.

I'm often surprised when I see people in the middle of the street,
suddenly stand still to take a 'selfie' of themselves.
Redo their hair and looking in the camera with an appealing smile
They don't seem to notice their environment.
that surprises me and makes me smile :-)

I wonder what new words and phenomenons will pop up next year...

Dec 13, 2013


This Mèèèèrry Christmas card is a part of a series December postcards,
produced by SaltyStuff, a new part of SaltyStock

The illustrators of these cards from left to right:
Red Cheeks Factory, Tjarko van der Pol, Veronique de Jong, Valezki
Monique Wijbrands, vrouwvanrinus, Gemma Pauwels and Pépé Smit.

If you are interested buying these cards,
order them here or send a mail to

Happy Weekend!

Dec 10, 2013

Red Cheeks Factory Christmas cards

Time flies...
It's already almost Christmas and we come closer to the end of the year...

Time for contemplation, celebration, good intensions and resolutions.
Time to send warm greetings to your friends and wish them all the best.

Here are this years Red Cheeks Factory Christmas and New Years greeting cards.
They are available in the Red Cheeks Factory shop.
You will get an attractive discount, when ordering more Christmas cards at the same time.
So if you have a lot of friends, you are lucky ;-)

You can also choose from the Christmas cards of last year:
angel Milly and angel Billy, there are still some left...

I wish you already happy last weeks of the year!

Dec 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Yesterday Nelson Mandela died. I have to think a lot about him.
I wanted to make a drawing to honour him.
He has done so many good things for the world.
May he rest in peace...