Aug 25, 2013

inspiration: various artists 14

It took a while, but here's finally a new post in the series: various artists.

Again four inspiring artists I like very much!
To see more of their work, follow the links beneath:

from left to right:
Javier Zabala
Evelina Oliveira
Carolina Celas

Aug 20, 2013

hairy twins

"freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose..."

more twins here

Aug 8, 2013

a wolf in Holland

Last week they found a real wolf in Holland
Not in the zoo, or in a fairytale, but here in Holland, in de Noordoostpolder
The poor animal was dead. Probably hit by a car.

They say the wolf walked all the way from Eastern Europe.
They expect more wolves are coming this way.

A bit scary idea, I often wear a red jacket with a red cap,
when walking in the woods... ;-)

Aug 3, 2013

happy birthday to me :-)

happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
happy birthday, happy birthday,
happy birthday to meeeeeee :-)