Apr 30, 2011

lamb and tip

Today I walked in the Biesbosch, during this walk we saw a lot of sheeps and lambs.
I like to photograph animals, because they are so patient and seem to don't mind.
I would love to photograph people too: streetphotography, because you see so many interesting characters out there. But I don't have the right attitude for that, I'm too shy.

Here's a tip for a short movie about Bruce Gilden He does have a very cheeky attitude, It's funny and he makes very interesting pictures, but as I said, he's very cheeky.

Apr 28, 2011


It's almost 4 years ago now, Bokito escaped from his cage in the Rotterdam Zoo.
He attacked a woman who had challenged him for weeks. Bokito got very angry and jumped over the water to grab this woman. Every time I see him I must think of this fascinating story and imagine angry wild Bokito runs around in our Zoo. He has a new cage now, behind glass. You can see the story about his escape here

Apr 24, 2011

red cheeks factory

This week I started with the second pika bootcamp:
how to survive and thrive as an artist online

the first assignment is to make up a name, an avatar and a banner for a possible shop.
So this is the birth of 'red cheeks factory'

And here are some banners I made, any suggestions which you like the most?
I hope to make a red cheeks factory website soon!

IF: bicycle

illustration friday: bicycle

Apr 12, 2011

a face a day march 2011

Here's an overview of my face-a-day-project from the month march.
You can see much more on a face a day

Apr 11, 2011


Map-making was the 6th assignment.
a physical map: about places I like in my environment
you can click on this one, to see it bigger,
so you can read the text, if you like.

a mental map: about my creative process

This was the last assignment of the pika artist bootcamp
It was a very inspiring and challenging course.
I certainly will be back there! (very soon :-))

Apr 4, 2011


This weeks assignment was about chairs, which chair represents your personality, so the whole week I had chairs in my mind, never thought it was interesting to think about chairs, but it was, one chair was not enough for me :-) I also found a special art-chair-blog with pictures of all kind of chairs.

Apr 2, 2011

another point of view

I made this illustration for the editorial article of the april-issue of the
Joomla Community Magazine
More illustrations I made for this magazine, you can find here