Sep 1, 2020

New book: The Bread Pet

In August this new book was launched: 'The Bread Pet' written by Kate DePalma, illustrated by me.

The book is published by Barefoot Booksand is availabale in two versions:A hardcover and a paperback

It is a fun story about a girl, Cora, who has to take care of the Bread Pet of her uncle.
But that not seems so easy ...

She learns how to bake bread and share it with others. Her two Mams help her with that.

The book also includes baking tips and how you can keep your own Bread Pet

Since I began to illustrate this story we keep our own Bread Pet. My friend Herman bakes the most delicious breads (and pizza's) with it!1 Mmmmm!

My most favourite is focaccia, an Italian bread: the last one on the photo.

May 20, 2020

In Memori-Mam 10

Today already ten years ago  my Mam suddenly passed away. Each year after that day I make a special in Memori-Mam here on my blog.

When she died we took her last geranium with us and took care of it. Every year we split the plants, so they become more and more  We take them inside in the winter, make new little plants out of them and bring them outside to our Summerhouse in the Spring, so we have each Summer a fantastic red flower field. It has grown to quite a project, but it is such a nice way to honour and think of my Mam!:-)

The photo on the swing is one of the last photo's taken from her.
(She got this swing for het 80th birthday)This year she would have been 90 ...

Below you can find the other nine In Memori-Mams I made:
The first year  I posted this blogpost: to honour my mom
(including some funny animations my mother made)

The second year I wrote another blogpost about her: far away, but still near 

The third year I wrote about her geranium

And the fourth year I wrote:  In memori-mam, thinking of you...

The fifth year I posted 85 geraniums

The sixth year I wrote:In Memori-Mam 6

 The seventh year I wrote:In Memori-Mam 7

The eighth year I wrote:In Memori-Mam Geranium Art

And last year I made this post Still Blooming

Apr 26, 2020

New book! Hieperdepiep!

It has been a while since I did post here. But now I have a good reason: A new book is born and just published. It is in Dutch and written by Liesbeth Mende. A positive thing in these strange and difficult times ...

Since the book is in Dutch I continue in Dutch now: 'Hieperdepiep' is een boek in de serie theaterlezen. Het is een speciale feest editie ter gelegenheid van het 25 jarig bestaan van uitgeverij 'De Inktvis' Een boek over allerlei feesten.

Van Chinees Nieuwjaar tot Suikerfeest

Van Sinterklaas tot Halloween

Maar ook verzonnen feesten. Leuk om samen te lezen. Het boek is te vinden in de boekhandels en ook hier te bestellen. Er is ook een speciale feestkalender om het feest compleet te maken