Jan 22, 2015

My work In the media

This week you can find an illustration of me in Dutch Magazine FLAIR.
In cooperation with Flair, Monique van der Vlist from the HappyMakersBlog (inspiring blog in dutch) selected 8 'happy illustrations' to add as postcards to this weeks magazine. A special gift to their readers. My 'girl with birds' is one of them :-)

Also in this month FLOW magazine....

Sjoukje van de Kolk wrote an article about thinking different. She asked me some questions about where I get my inspiration. It's a short piece about how I play with reality.

For the dutch followers: Als je het stukje wilt lezen, klik dan hier of nog beter kijk in de Flow :-)

Jan 17, 2015

time for a walk

After a few weeks of hard work on the book we are making, I took a well deserved day off today! I went with my brother to the woods of Hollandsche Rading in Utrecht.

It was such a beautiful day! Being in nature gives me fresh energy :-)
Especially when the sun shines and everything is sparkling and shiny.

You could even 'hear' the forest, because it had rained a lot and drops were falling out of the trees.

I made pictures with my phone and the hipstamatic filter. New to me, but I love it!

It was fun to experiment and see all the results afterwards...

And now my mind is fresh again to continue my work on the haiku book project :-)