Aug 29, 2012

new card arrived!

today new cards arrived for my upcoming Red Cheeks Factory shop
I hope to open it soon...!!!

Aug 28, 2012

Aug 19, 2012

hot hot hot

It's so hot here in Holland,
that you could eat two ice-creams at the same time :-)

Aug 16, 2012

minimalist fairy tale posters by Christian Jackson

these are four of a series minimalist
fairy tale posters by Christian Jackson.
I LOVE the simplicity and clearity of them

Aug 14, 2012

IF: freeze

illustration friday: freeze

It feels a bit strange to make this winterscene
in the middle of the summer...

It's about 25 degrees here :-)

Aug 9, 2012

beyond your flexibility

more yoga inspiration

you can see my other yoga inspiration cards
here and here

Aug 7, 2012

IF: (sound) bounce

illustration friday: bounce

Wolf is looking for Little Red Ridinghood
For this subject I had to think of an echo: a 'sound-bounce'

Aug 3, 2012

hip hip hip....

and not just an ordinairy day...
it's my birthday :-)

I made this postcard for me, but also for you
to celebrate your day:
hurray, it is today!