Mar 18, 2014

beyond your flexibility

As you maybe know I do practice bikram yoga in Rotterdam
Quite a while ago I've made this drawing: beyond your flexibility.

yoga giclee print beyond your flexibility

That's what the teachers say in class: "go beyond your flexibility!"
I like that, it's challenging.(Not only with yoga...)

I'm by far not as flexible as the figure in my drawing.
But at least I'm trying, that's what counts!
How about your flexibility?

This drawing is now available as a giclee print in my Etsy shop

Mar 16, 2014

moustache twins: product of the week!

A nice surprise when I openend the Dawanda newsletter today:

My moustache twins postcard is product of the week. :-)

Dawanda is an inspiring place where you can buy nice things and gifts.
I recently opened a shop to sell my Red Cheeks Factory products.
I still want to add more products, but it's already a start.

Dawanda focusses on the Dutch market, but I also translated my shop into German..
(I often have to laugh when I see these translations. German is a funny language :-))
And ofcourse I also translated it into English.

Happy Sunday!

Mar 15, 2014

Make Art That Sells

book Í just like to make things' by Lilla Rogers about the illustration market

Recently I have bought the book 'I just like to make things' written by Lilla Rogers.
About the illustration market, full with tips and inspiration.

I bought it because I had a vague idea to go back to school again.
Lilla is teaching an interesting online course: Make Art That Sells.

And now I'm quite excited because I registered for it!
Yes, I'm going back to school again :)

I'm very curious about how it will be and what it will bring.
It starts at the end of March within two weeks from now.
I'm looking forward to it and hope to learn a lot!

Mar 14, 2014

happy bird-day, dear Jan!

postcard happy birdday

My favorite brother (lievelingsbroer in dutch) has his birthday today!
(Yes the one where I always make fun trips with to Musea and nature)

I made a special postcard for him.
He likes green, he loves nature, he is friend with the birds
and he also enjoys cake :))

Congratulations, dear Jan, happy BIRD-day!

Mar 13, 2014

selected illustrators Bologna Bookfair 2014

From Monday 24th to Thursday 27th March 2014 there's
the Bologna Children's Book Fair. I would love to go there some time.

Every year they select a whole bunch illustrators to show their work in a special exhibition
On their website you can find an overview of the selected illustrators
From each illustrator they show one illustration, so you can have an impression.

illustration manon Gauthier

I was very happy to see one of my favourites amongst them: Manon Gauthier
I love her work and she's also very kind :-)

But it's also nice to discover new illustrators.
Aboves illustration is made by: Verena Hochleitner

And I also like this drawing of Trine Logstrup Sorensen.

This is only a quick selection I made, if you are interested to see more, visit this overview

Mar 12, 2014

Graphic Art in Nature

I really LOVE trees. Especially in this time of year.
It's like walking in a huge Graphic Art landscape:

Graphic Art in Nature 1 - black and white photography

Graphic Art in Nature 2 - black and white photography

Graphic Art in Nature 3 - black and white photography

Graphic Art in Nature 4 - black and white photography

Graphic Art in Nature 6 - black and white photography

Mar 9, 2014

love for life!

It is already springtme in Holland. Allthough it's the beginning of March
The sun is shining and the temperature today will be 17 degrees!

love for life, an optimistice and positive giclee print

Everything looks extra nice with some sunshine. The trees already begin
to develop their fresh green leaves and the flowers appear in many colors.
It's so promising!

This all inspired me to make this illustration of a dancing girl.
Her hands form a big heart above her head, she celebrates life!
The title is 'love for life' and at this moment I really love it :)
How about you?

It's already available in my Etsy shop
Other places will follow...

Enjoy your Sunday and enjoy life!

Mar 6, 2014

the perfect nature - culture mix

Yesterday I had a day off. And what a good timing it was!
The first Sunny Spring Day of the year! I even lunched without my jacket on,
in the lovely and warm sun :)

Ideal for me is a mixture of nature and culture.
My brother and I walked through Den Hague, you wouldn't think of it,
but there are very nice parcs and even woods there.

It was beautful between all those trees, refelections and shades.
The world looks so good when the sun is shining!

After lunch we visited the Gemeentemuseum. We saw a lot of Modern Art.
Above is a painting from Jacoba van Heemskerck.

When entering the museum there's a small corridor with on both sides glass.
They placed various bird stickers on them to warn the birds, so they don't
bump up against these windows. My favorite was the one above!

There was also an exhibition for children about Coco Chanel.
With beautiful and playful illustrations from Annemarie van Haeringen

An ideal day full of oh's and ah's, a lot of sunshine and inspiration!
And now back to work again, also good :-)