Mar 9, 2014

love for life!

It is already springtme in Holland. Allthough it's the beginning of March
The sun is shining and the temperature today will be 17 degrees!

love for life, an optimistice and positive giclee print

Everything looks extra nice with some sunshine. The trees already begin
to develop their fresh green leaves and the flowers appear in many colors.
It's so promising!

This all inspired me to make this illustration of a dancing girl.
Her hands form a big heart above her head, she celebrates life!
The title is 'love for life' and at this moment I really love it :)
How about you?

It's already available in my Etsy shop
Other places will follow...

Enjoy your Sunday and enjoy life!


Cindi said...

It doesn't feel much like spring in Alaska yet, but we escaped for a few weeks of warm in Costa Rica to "practice" for warmer weather here! The daffodils are starting to get impatient, though, aren't they?

Unknown said...

verrukkelijke weersoort; ik juch mee.
mooie kaart

artesinan maha said...

Appreciate youur blog post

artesinan maha said...

I enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing