Nov 27, 2013

red cheeks

I made this red cheeks drawing some time ago.
It's now available as giclée art print here

Nov 23, 2013

opening winterwinkel

Yesterday I was at the opening of de Winterwinkel in Amsterdam.
I wrote about it in my last blogpost

It was very nice to see how the empty space, which I had seen the day before
had turned into a real shop, with a variety of nice products.

Very good to see how much work can be done by real team-work.
The organizing Ka-ching collectief seems to be a good team!

There were a lot of people, good to see also customers among them already :-)
It was also nice to meet other participants of this pop-up shop.

If you have a chance and you are in the neighbourhood,
you should have a look, it's very close to the Central Station.
in de Haarlemmerstraat 25. It's open till December the 1st.

Have a nice weekend!

Nov 22, 2013

Plop!.... a pop-up shop!

Today an Etsy Pop-up Shop will pop up in the center of Amsterdam. It's called 'de winterwinkel', which means 'wintershop'. They sell all kind of nice, handmade and vintage items for under the christmas tree.

And guess what?
Red Cheeks Factory prints and postcards will be also available there :-)

This week I was busy with framing prints and organizing everything.
Yesterday I brought my work to Amsterdam.

I've met the enthusiastic organizing team: the ladies of the Ka-ching collectief.
They build up the shop and this afternoon (friday the 22nd) it will be open for the public.
There's an openings-party from 16.00 hour till 18.00 hour.
I will be there too!

The winterwinkel will be open from November the 22nd till December the 2nd
If you are in the neighbourhood, you are welcome!
Adress: Het grote Avontuur Haarlemmerstraat 25, Amsterdam

Nov 14, 2013

new giclée print: can, want & do

This is one of my favorite sentences :-)

I now made an illustration of it and it's available as a giclée art print.
If you are interested, find it here

Nov 12, 2013

inspiration: various artists 15

Here's a new post in the series: various artists.

Lately I discovered again very nice artists, which work I wanna share with you.
To see more of their work, follow the links beneath:

from left to right:
Faye Moorhouse
Dasha Tolstikova
Miroco Machiko
Moa Hoff

Nov 7, 2013

Red Cheeks Factory on Etsy

Today I opened a brand new shop on Etsy

You are very welcome to like, to buy products
and to follow Red Cheeks Factory on Etsy now too :-)

Nov 1, 2013

Happy Movember!

Today there's a brand new giclée print available in the Red Cheeks Factorry shop.
Mister Moustache, a colorful print in retro colors, made to celebrate Movember,
but ofcourse you can hang it on your wall the whole year, if you want ;-)

Happy Movember and happy weekend!