Nov 23, 2013

opening winterwinkel

Yesterday I was at the opening of de Winterwinkel in Amsterdam.
I wrote about it in my last blogpost

It was very nice to see how the empty space, which I had seen the day before
had turned into a real shop, with a variety of nice products.

Very good to see how much work can be done by real team-work.
The organizing Ka-ching collectief seems to be a good team!

There were a lot of people, good to see also customers among them already :-)
It was also nice to meet other participants of this pop-up shop.

If you have a chance and you are in the neighbourhood,
you should have a look, it's very close to the Central Station.
in de Haarlemmerstraat 25. It's open till December the 1st.

Have a nice weekend!


AHAviews said...

Looks like quite a bit of work went into this - a great way to connect with others doing the same thing, and folks who like your work. Good luck! How long will the pop-up be open?

nelleke said...

till December the 1st

hoodwinked said...

thanks for posting the pictures, so i can take a peek.

Patrice A. said...

dat ziet er fijn uit!
en je brengt me op ideeën
zou dat iets voor mij
en mijn werk zijn?....


johbont x said...

leuk jou werk daar aan de muur te zien!
duimen voor een goeie verkoop!