Aug 31, 2011

a face a day August 2011

Here's an overview of my face-a-day-project from the month August.

I'm on number 274 today, 274 faces, Pfhoo, he, that's really a lot ;-)

Aug 26, 2011

little red ridinghood and the seven wolves

What a coincidence! This weeks theme of illustration friday is: diguise. It suits so well to my submission for Uncovered Cover Art Blog Contest. There are only a few days left to enter artwork or vote for your favorite re-imagined book covers.

I did join and mixed two fairytailes to one: 'little red ridinghood' and 'the wolf and the seven goats', so it became: little red ridinghood and the seven wolves.

You can vote for your favourite bookcover (there are lots of nice ones!)
Ofcourse I would really appreciate if you vote for mine ;-)
So, if you are in a voting mood: It's possible till the 30th of August.
Thanks in advance!!

Aug 21, 2011

IF: influence

illustration friday: influence.

This is a new illustration in the serie fishman.
See the other fishmen here and here

Aug 17, 2011

inspiration: various artists 1

There are so many great & inspiring ilustrators, which I enjoy a lot!
Here are some parts of their illustrations, so you can get a VERY small impression.
To see more of them click on the links:

From left to right:
Andrea d' Aquino
Karolien Vanderstappen
Agata Dudek
Vivienne Strauss

Aug 12, 2011


Yesterday morning I saw a mother coming out of her house
with two infant twins. They wore the same clothes. That's the best!
I'm always fascinated by twins. I love their synchronicity.

This little scene inspired me to this illustration.

Aug 3, 2011

inspiration: Illustrators annual 2011

For my birthday today I've got another very nice birthday-present:
the illustrators annual 2011 from the Bologna's children bookfair

It's full with great illustrators from all over the world.
I didn't had the chance to read a lot in it, but an eye-catcher for me is Anne Crahay
But there is much more in it, very exciting and inspiring :-)