Jun 30, 2013

Jun 29, 2013


Well, this is how I feel today, I must say: not funny at all!
hatsjoe, hatsjoe, hatsjoe...


Jun 28, 2013

bon apetit!

Most of the time I draw people or animals, that's what I like the most.

Because I am making some illustrations for a new upcoming Dutch Stock Agency
I challenge myself to draw some oher things than only people
For example this blue table and guess what? I like that too...
maybe because I like drawing ;-)

Happy weekend and bon apetit!

Jun 25, 2013

Jun 21, 2013

soccer players

I've made a series of soccer player drawings:

I like the movement in these drawings, it's almost a soccer player ballet :-)

Jun 18, 2013

inspiration: Harriët van Reek

Today I visited the exhibition Edith & Egon Schiele
In the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag: a fantastic exhibition
with drawings of one of my favourite illustrators: Harriët van Reek

Harriët made a children art book inspired by this painting
It is the only painting of Schiele exhibited in the museum.

The exhibition shows original illustrations from the book
and also prelimanary studies Harriët made for Edith & Egon Schiele

It is very nice to see the painting style of Schiele back in Harriët's drawings.
She also made the text for the book and both (drawings and text)
are full of humor and delicacy. It's touching too.

This is book number 10 in the series of children picture art books (in dutch) which are published in cooperation with the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.

To my dutch readers:
Als je in de buurt bent, zou ik zeggen, gaan!!!
Ik vond het echt dik genieten :-)

Jun 16, 2013

Urlaub: illustration and concept store

We have a new store in Holland:


It is a whole new illustration and concept store in Utrecht
(in the center of our country)
It's open for a few weeks now.

The creative brain behind this all is Ellen Vesters
Ellen is an enthusiastic, social and generous illustrator.
She has a great organizing and 'bringing together' talent.

I think it's a brilliant idea to name your shop and studio: Urlaub,
the German word for holiday... When you go to your work,
you also go on holiday ;-) I love this kind of creativity!

Besides a real shop and studio, Urlaub openend also a webshop
where they sell their beautiful stuff:
prints, zines, postcards and so much more!

I'm happy Ellen asked me if she could sell some of my prints and postcards
too in her Urlaub shop. I'm in good company there :-)

I didn't see the real life shop yet, but I certainly will go there and have a look
and meet Günther, the doorman with the sun glasses
When he's outside, Urlaub is open :-)

Jun 12, 2013

beyond your flexibility

I've made a new series yoga drawings. Here are some of them:




downward dog

Jun 9, 2013

Marché du Nord

Today I was at the art market: Marché du Nord.
It was a part of Route du Nord I had my own Red Cheeks Factory stand

It was a very nice day. I got a lot of enthusiastic reactions on my work
and I've met very nice people and also did good business :-)

Here you see some photos of my stand.
I think I will do some more markets like these in the future.

Jun 5, 2013

Route du Nord

As I said I participate, with many other artists,
in an exhibition this weekend: Route du Nord
It's an Art Festival including Art, Music and Performances.

For this exhibition I selected nine faces from my face a day project.
It is the first time they are in an exhibition.

Today the prints I ordered where ready. For this occasion
I had them sticked on aluminium. Very nice, tight and bright.
We have put them up, not an easy job to get them straight,
but we made it :-)

Friday night will be the opening of the festival
and it continues the whole weekend. I will be there too.
So if people wanna come by and say hello, you are welcome!

Jun 4, 2013

postcard rack

I'm preparing myself for an exhibition coming weekend.
It's in my own hometown, even in my own neighboorhood.
I will write about it later this week...

There's also a small Art Market on Sunday, where I will sell my giclée art prints.
I'm also gonna sell Red Cheeks Factory postcards.
Today I found a postcard rack, where all my A6 postcards fit in.
I always wanted to have such a rack, and now I have one :-)

For the dutch readers of my blog:
Het rek is te koop bij de HEMA
(of all places ;-))

Jun 2, 2013

playing with shadow

Today the sun is shining and when it is,
the world looks so much nicer.
All colors are more bright and intense
and people look more happy...

I also love the shadow of things. It gives an extra dimension.
It shows things in another way...

I like to play with these shadows
This is my owm shadow and I had a lot of fun playing with it

Oh beautiful sun, keep on shining!
for the rest of the summer
thank you :-)