Jun 29, 2013


Well, this is how I feel today, I must say: not funny at all!
hatsjoe, hatsjoe, hatsjoe...



roberto M. said...

oh. I'm sorry, Nelleke!
I send my wishes for your health improves
Anyway I like your attitude, you feel bad but your mood by drawing not decay
not fun weekend :(
sorry, drink tea with lemon :)

jfidz said...

Bless you!

Unknown said...

Oei, helemaal niet leuk! Beterschap!
Maar toch een leuke tekening erover, dubbelzinnig, ha!

Cindi said...

Sometimes it is ok to curl up with a good book, a furry friend, and a warm drink of something indulgent (and maybe mildly medicinal) til you feel a little less under the weather.

Hoping you are starting to feel better already. :-)

Unknown said...

geweldige snotplaat