Mar 28, 2011


This weeks theme of the pika artist bootcamp: Art that moves and the element of time.
Inspired by "past, present and future"

past: my grandpa used to bring bananas on wednesday,
present: a jump, I took the banana-theme also into this and the next illustration.
future: reunited with my mom on a cloud.

Mar 21, 2011

Cirque C.

This weeks theme of the pika artist bootcamp Learning and borrowing from history. We went to a museum to choose one painting for inspiration. I went to the Chabot museum and chose Die Armen from Heinrich Campendonk I was inspired by his composition and the play between fore- and background. I made this illustration.


yesterday morning in Kralingen

Mar 18, 2011

inspiration: James Ensor Masks

In the gemeente museum Den Haag is an exhibition of James Ensor
an overview of his whole oeuvre. I really liked his paper mache masks.

Mar 16, 2011

inspiration: the Caldic Collection

Yesterday I was in de Kunsthal Rotterdam and saw the Caldic Collection A selection of over eighty paintings, photographs, installations and sculptures that have all been purchased over the last ten years. Very nice to see, so many different things. These pictures are from an installation of plastic bags filled with water hanging on the ceiling and a moving kite projected on the wall

two visitors looking to some photographs of the Caldic Collection

Mar 13, 2011

juggling girls

This weeks assignment of the pika artist bootcamp was to think about
and list the things we know and love, with the aim of finding
a more personal creative voice. Juggling and people were my choices.
The instruction was to make the same illustration in three different ways:
pen and ink: was quit new to me, but fun to do!

A collage. I also made an little animation of this one.
click and see the girl really juggle :-)

material of your own choice, for me: drawing and photoshop.
Good to see that each material has it's own quality and characteristics!

Mar 6, 2011


this week I started with the pika artist bootcamp, a six-week on-line course.
We are starting by deconstructing what makes a good work of art, inspired by nature. People are joining from all over the world. It's a source of inspiration and challenges me to make different things as I normally do. For example this landscape. I never do landscapes (I'm in love with faces) I'm curious how this develops.
Till now I like it very much!

Mar 5, 2011


I made this picture during a walk from Baarn to Hollandse Rading.
There was a kind of very tiny small lake, beautiful silence,
sunshine and this cane reflected into the water. It was beautiful!
Almost a drawing.

Mar 1, 2011

illustration for JCM

I made this illustration for the editorial article of the march-issue of the
Joomla Community Magazine
More illustrations I made for this magazine, you can find here