Mar 13, 2011

juggling girls

This weeks assignment of the pika artist bootcamp was to think about
and list the things we know and love, with the aim of finding
a more personal creative voice. Juggling and people were my choices.
The instruction was to make the same illustration in three different ways:
pen and ink: was quit new to me, but fun to do!

A collage. I also made an little animation of this one.
click and see the girl really juggle :-)

material of your own choice, for me: drawing and photoshop.
Good to see that each material has it's own quality and characteristics!


johbont said...

prachtig gelukt/
frappante verschillen in uitwerking
benieuwd wat de wereldwijde klas zegt :?

Unknown said...

sure looks fun, very well done. The figures sure looks like they were being thrown.

Sloane Solanto said...

So fun!! I love them, especially the collage in the center.