Apr 30, 2013

even wuiven misschien....

Today we celebrate we have a new king in Holland
The whole day there are several festivities.
One of the highlights is the famous balcony scene:

This morning the family appeared on the balcony:
First the old Queen and then the new King and his wife
after them three little princesses, with yellow dresses and a yellow flower in their hair
And they waved, minutes long to please the orange crowd and press.

Apr 29, 2013

print of the week: on a journey

follow your dreams...

The coming weeks on monday I choose a giclée art print
in my shop as 'print of the week' You will get a discount on the chosen print

This week it's the poetic giclée art print: on a journey
Remember to follow your dreams...

it also fits in this weeks topic of illustration friday: farewell

If you have suggestions for the 'print of the week',
you can always let me know!

I wish you a very nice and inspiring week!

Apr 28, 2013

inspiration: The Big Change

Yesterday I went to the exhibition The Big Change:
Revolutions in Russian Painting 1895-1917

This fascinating period is not well known here in the West.
They exhibit more than 80 paintings from Russian painters
and the only painters I knew were Malevich and Kandinsky

At the entrance there is a series self portraits of all painters of this exhibition
It's great to discover so many new (old) works

The exhibition is part of Russia Year 2013.
It takes place in the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht
It was the first time I visited this Museum, it's in the south of Holland
Not nearby, but worthwile to visit (till 11th of August)

Apr 24, 2013

orange dream

Next tuesday we will get a new King.
There's a lot going on around this day.
People prepare themselves for a big celebration

I had so much fun, when I went to the supermarket today.
There was a high heeled blond lady with drawn eye-brows.
She stood in front of me in the queue for the cash desk

She bought all kind of orange props. It was for her and her friend, she told me:
an orange crown, a pair of braces, orange hawaiian necklaces, an orange cowboy hat
and real Dutch treacle-waffles in orange wrapping

I saw this couple in my fantasy celebrating this party together
It made my day :-)

Apr 19, 2013

moustaches, moustaches and moustaches...

Last week I took some time to play around with new materials.
I cut out some old paintings and used them in these little characters.

I'm always fascinated by moustaches, they are a big inspiration to me
So I used them as a subject to play with.
I don't know why, but they keep coming back in my work.

What I liked about making these characters was to play with the actual shape
and the shape that remains. It can bring you nice surprises.
I like that!

For more of my moustache illustrations click here and here
Have a nice weekend!

Apr 15, 2013

Little big books: Illustrations for children's picture books

This book was already for a while on my wishlist.
little big books illustrations for children's picture books.

This afternoon I saw it in the bookstore and I couldn't resist to buy it.
It's beautiful, full with inspiring illustrations and illustrators.
Some of them I knew already, but there are also lots of new names.
I made a quick selection, but I assure you there's much much more!

Ana Ventura

Blex Bolex

Juanjo G. Oller

Violeta Lopiz

Apr 11, 2013

100 days yoga challenge

I have something to share with you
Something I am really proud of and which makes me happy.
I wanna shout it out loud:

100 days bikram yoga challenge illustration

Maybe some of you know it already, but for some time I go often
to the Bikram yoga class in Rotterdam, preferably in the morning.

On the second of January I started a challenge: doing 100 days yoga-classes in a row.
First I didn't tell anybody about it, because I wanted to see for myself how far I would come. This morning I just had my 100th lesson.
So, I DIT IT!!

To celebrate this I will give a discount on this original yoga postcard set,
untill Thursday next week (the 18th of April)
The cards are inspired by my yoga lessons.

Have a look, they can be inspiring, also when you are not practising yoga ;-)

Apr 8, 2013

FREE shipping on ALL art prints!

on all Red Cheeks Factory giclée art prints now FREE shipping

It's time for some 'red cheeks' shop news :-)

From now on you'll get FREE shipping
on ALL giclée art prints from Red Cheeks Factory

You are welcome in the shop.

Apr 3, 2013

Screen printing Muscle Man

Remember the Muscle Man design I've made for Wolf?
What fun! They made a video of the screen printing process of Muscle Man:

You can read more about it on the Wolf blog

Apr 2, 2013

you are so beautiful...

Illustration for my new project

A good way to get inspiration and free your mind:
Sing out loud with your favorite song on the radio.

In this case 'you are so beautiful' sung by Joe Cocker.

When I was searching for the song on youtube,
I found this version of these three giants :
Billy Preston, Joe Cocker and Patti Labelle.
which is soooo good!

And what about you? Which song gives you inspiration?