Apr 30, 2013

even wuiven misschien....

Today we celebrate we have a new king in Holland
The whole day there are several festivities.
One of the highlights is the famous balcony scene:

This morning the family appeared on the balcony:
First the old Queen and then the new King and his wife
after them three little princesses, with yellow dresses and a yellow flower in their hair
And they waved, minutes long to please the orange crowd and press.


roberto M. said...

Nobody could have drawn better than you, Nelleke!


Klopt inderdaad, ze zei dit zo beheerst, "even wuiven misschien".
Onze sterke dappere Beatrix.
Het was mooi vandaag!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Congratulations on your new monarch (my Dutch ancestors are cheering!)

Claire Wildish said...

Hee hee hee! Such a fun animated illustration perfectly portraying your description of the regal and celebratory event!!

Marie said...

So cute :)

Unknown said...

bijzondere print op de jurkjes
en het 'wuiven' toch een mooie publieke eindzin van onze scheidende vorstin