Feb 29, 2012

Feb 24, 2012

IF capable

illustration friday: capable

she was capable to handle the hula hoop and
eating a lolly at the same time...

Feb 22, 2012


THE REAL FACE BOOK PROJECT is growing. It's an interactive project.
You can find it on the facebookpage from Geert de Kockere. Every day
he posts one of my faces and everyone can add a new proverb or word inspired by them.

New is THE REAL FACE BOOK webpage Here you find the published faces.
You can click on the faces and see a selection words and proverbs people already added. Mostly they are in dutch, but everyone can join. If your sentence will be selected your name will be under the credits

Feb 17, 2012


Today a new experiment has started:
My faces will be published every day on the facebook page from Geert de Kockere,
a flemish (children book) writer.(whom I like very much:-))

He started 'THE REAL FACE BOOK' experiment and ask people
if they want to submit a proverb, saying or expression to each face.

Maybe this will become a (face) book... That would be so great!!
The page is in dutch, but the faces are international :-)

Feb 15, 2012


The postman just brought a packet of postcards I ordered yesterday.
I'm working on my 'red cheeks shop' and right now I am
experimenting with prints and postcards.
It is exciting to see my work printed :-)

you can find the flying bear also here

Feb 13, 2012

Valentine Circus

Normally I don't do anything with Valentine. But this time
I had an idea for these illustrations to join the Valentine Circus,
Happy Valentine ;-)
I did join the Illustration Rally with these Valentine Circus Cards.

Feb 9, 2012

can you sing, sing with us!

I'm always fascinated by singing people, especially choirs.
I like the way they sing: so full of passion :-)

This illustration is inspired on an old dutch songbook with the title:
kun je zingen, zing dan mee! (wich means: can you sing, sing with us!)

Feb 6, 2012

inspiration: various artists 7

Here the seventh post in the serie: various artists.
Again inspiring artists with beautiful work, and there is so much more... :-)
To see more of their work click on the links:

from left to right:
Paloma Valdivia
Anne Crahay
Elena Hormiga
Aurora Cacciapuoti

Feb 3, 2012

a stamp a day from Gertie Jaquet

Today is the opening from the exposition from Gertie Jaquet:
a stamp a day, 365 stamps! It was nice to follow her blog.

To finish this project she has an exposition in Atelier Open in Amsterdam.

My plan was to go to the opening, but the weather (lots of snow) changed my plans.
I hope to visit the exhibition soon. It is possible till Februari the 25th.