May 22, 2019

Migrations Project - Open Hearts Open Borders

I want to share a very inspiring illustration migrations project. It started as a travelling exhibition. And it now turned into this beautiful book:

Some time ago illustrator Piet Grobler (founder of the International Centre for Picture Book in Society) asked illustrators all over the world to make a postcard with a bird for a special migrations  exhibition starting at BIBIANA in Bratislava, September 2017.

I was one of them. We were asked to send them with a positive message to the Arts centre of Worcester. So birds from all over the world were send by post. More than 300 postcards did arrive and were turned into a nice installation. (Still traveling around the world)

Recently they also made a book with bird postcards of the project:  Open Hearts Open Borders. They selected 50 birds. Also my bird  :-):

My postcard was a bit damaged during her flight. Such a great metaphore ...  I just LOVE this project. All royalties of the book will be shared by Amnesty International and IBBY (The International Board on Books forYoung People)

If you wanna support this project, you can buy the book here.
Help Make this Book Fly! Thank you!!!

If you wish, you can read an article in the Guardian about the book here

May 20, 2019

Still blooming ;-)

Today it's nine years ago my Mam suddenly passed away. Each year after that day I make a special in Memori-Mam here on my blog. Today I made this geranium collage to honour her:

I wrote before about the geranium I took it with me after she died. We have more than 100 now.This month we've  put again all the geraniums out in our garden on our island in the middle of Rotterdam. After the winter staying inside.

So the whole summer our garden will be flowery red again. And each time we visit our little Summerhouse I think of her. She is still blooming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Apr 5, 2019

Bologna Children's Book Fair 2019

We just came back from a wonderful and inspiring trip to the Bologna Children's Book Fair. It was my second time and again I did like every minute of it! Such a great event!

One of the many hightligts was receiving a printed version of the catalogue 'Your own voice' an illustration class with Javier Zabala, including one of my works:

Bologna is beautiful. Also by night. We arrived at Sunday In the evening one of the streets was filled with enlighted poetry. I love the italian language. This part means: -  to be here -  in this moment ...

I also really love the colors of Bologna. By day ánd by night!

In the morning we walked from our piccolo appartment to the Fair. About half an hour. We enjoyed the sunshine and again the beautiful warm colors and all the arches.

We also visted some interesting lectures. There is so much to see and listen to. A real illustrator's paradise! I also had some very nice meetings with publishers and  illustrator friends.

The Illustrator's exhibition was  nice and inspiring this year. Of course I did buy a catalogue of it.

And one of the hightlights was a meeting one of my favorite illustrators: Kveta Pacovska.

When we came on the Fair on Wednesday morning she was there to sign her new book. No row yet, so I almost was the first one :-)

I felt a bit  like a lucky little girl to meet Kveta in person. Such a wonderful and kind lady. And a great artist!

I'm really thankful for this moment!

I also loved the visual identity of the fair this year.

And of course we did enjoy the italian food, wine and ice-creams a lot!!!

In the city of Bologna there were some other exhibitions too. This one below is from illustrators who did embroider their portrait.

And one by Richard Scarry in one of the libraries, a beautiful old buiding

And there was lots and lots more! So many beautiful books. I'm full with inspiration and looking forward to make new things. Ciao Bologna!!!!

Jan 31, 2019

Daily collage project

On the 1th of January this year I started a new project: 'A collage a day.' Every day I post one on Instagram So, if you wish, you are welcome to follow it.

It is fun to try out various techniques. My inspiration I mostly get out of the snippets. I have boxes full with snippets and parts of paintings.

What I like about this project that they are made without the computer. Normally I work mostly digital. So it is relaxing to make one of these in between.

I like to play with shapes. See what emerges. Also the pieces from what's left over are interesting.

I also join the 2019 - Year of the collage class with Carla Sonheim and others. Just for fun! This also gives inspiration. ( You still can join! ) One of the assignments was to make a grid of paper snippets.

I then like to give my own twist to it. So I made some face grids. I also made this clown with buttons, inspired by the grid exercise:

Sometimes I take a theme, like playing with rhythm, as these elephants below show.

Another assignment was about playing with colored transparancy paper. First make textures on transparant sheets and then make collages with them. It gives a fun effect, because of this transparency:

What I like the most of this playing with shapes and snippets, the unexpected things appearing. Things or characters you never would have thought of.

Most of the time I make characters. That's what I like the most. But sometimes I try to make an abstract one:

It is now the end of January. So I made 31 of these collages. I will try this for a year. Don't know if I can keep it up, but at least I can try. I once did it with my face a day project and made 365 faces. Remember?

More on  Instagram.
See you there?!

Nov 29, 2018

Back to school again ;-)

The last six weeks I went back to school again. A very special online class: 'Your own voice' teached by the Spanish illustrattor Javier Zabala. I'm a big fan of his work, so when I saw this class passing by, I didn't have to think long to join. I do share here some of the works I've made during this fun, exciting and inspiring trip:

We did experiment with a lot of different techniques. The image above is a mixture of collage, stencils and Photoshop)

Below Stencils, collage and chinese ink:

Javier did show his techniques in special videos. Each week was around another theme. We also did get a lot of theory about masters of influence, finding your voice, the essence of a character and composition.

An experiment wirh chinese ink:

One assignment was to do 20 'covers'. It had to be quick drawings in the same style, that could be  covers for a sketchbook project. I chose faces as subject, but in a different way from what I normally do. Here are some of them:

Very interesting was also the week about finding the essence of a character. We played a game and had to guess which characters we had chosen. Here two of the characters i've made. (Not so difficult to guess, he?)

One of the techniques we did was monotype. I did experiment before with it. But it is fun to explore it more,. I do like the effect of this technique a lot:

In the end we had to make a final work. It will be published in a (digital) catalogue for the Bologna Bookfair. I did do some mixed media experiments  I'm not sure which one to choose as final one. I think I will go for the wolf in the forest (the first image of this post)

Which one would you choose?

I hope to continue with experimenting. And to explore 'my voice' more and more. And use the techniques I've learned in the books and other works I make and wanna make ... ;-)

For those who are interested: Here's a link to this class. I think it will be repeated in the future. Highly recommended!

May 26, 2018

My first Children's Picture Book!

After illustrating several books I recently made my first children's picture book:
'Baas van iets groots'

I'm very happy with this, because it was high on my wishlist! I wrote the story and made the illustrations.

It is published by De Eenhoorn (February 2018) It's one of my favorite publishers. The book is written in Dutch. I hope it will be translated one day ....

It's about a little Mouse, who wants to become a boss of something big ...

I also did the design of the book. It was a nice challenge. I really hope to make more of them. Because it is what I love the most!

There are some reviews written about it. (in Dutch) You can read it here and here.

May 20, 2018

In Memori-Mam - Geranium Art

Today it's eight (already eight? yes eight!) years ago my Mam suddenly passed away. Each year after that day I make a special in Memori-Mam here on my blog.

I wrote before about the geranium I took with me after she died. About our growing geranium field.We just put all the geraniums out in our garden again after the winter staying inside.

I  already have a lot of geranium pictures. Never knew this plant would be such an inspiration for me. I took this photo last year in my house: Some geraniums behind our white curtains.It's almost a painting, don't you think?

When I see a geranium, I always think of my Mom. And I have them all around me :-)

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Apr 2, 2018

Finalist Silent Book Contest 2018

It has been so long ago since I posted something here. But now I've got such a great news! I'm a finalist in the Silent Book Contest 2018! That means an exhibition on the Bologna Children's Book Fair!

Last week we (my friend and I) visited the Fair. It was our first time. It was so inspiring! The exhibition was really nice! Nine prints were exhibited from each finalist. I made a book named 'Concerto'

Work from the winners of the last four years were also  presented including their books.

In total there are nine finalists. All have their own quality. In May one winner will be picked.

My book 'Concerto' is about a piano player and his cat. They make a musical journey. A Silent book means a book without words. You have to think differently. More only in images. I wanted to make something about music, because music has its own language. Also the making process was different from earlier books. Much more organic. A very interesting process!

Here are six of the nine finalists who came to the Fair. We had great fun on the opening. Can you spot me? Hahaha.

There also was a presentation on the Bologna Book Fair in the illustrator's cafe. They showed our books on a big screen. We had to tell a little bit about our book. We all were a bit nervous. It's huge there ...

Never thought my work would be shown on such a big screen on such a big event. I feel privileged to be amongst these talented finalists.

The winner will get his or her book published by Carthusia, an Italian publisher. But we all did already won with such a great experience!

More photos about this contest you can find here and photo's from our trip to Bologna and the Fair you can find here