Apr 2, 2018

Finalist Silent Book Contest 2018

It has been so long ago since I posted something here. But now I've got such a great news! I'm a finalist in the Silent Book Contest 2018! That means an exhibition on the Bologna Children's Book Fair!

Last week we (my friend and I) visited the Fair. It was our first time. It was so inspiring! The exhibition was really nice! Nine prints were exhibited from each finalist. I made a book named 'Concerto'

Work from the winners of the last four years were also  presented including their books.

In total there are nine finalists. All have their own quality. In May one winner will be picked.

My book 'Concerto' is about a piano player and his cat. They make a musical journey. A Silent book means a book without words. You have to think differently. More only in images. I wanted to make something about music, because music has its own language. Also the making process was different from earlier books. Much more organic. A very interesting process!

Here are six of the nine finalists who came to the Fair. We had great fun on the opening. Can you spot me? Hahaha.

There also was a presentation on the Bologna Book Fair in the illustrator's cafe. They showed our books on a big screen. We had to tell a little bit about our book. We all were a bit nervous. It's huge there ...

Never thought my work would be shown on such a big screen on such a big event. I feel privileged to be amongst these talented finalists.

The winner will get his or her book published by Carthusia, an Italian publisher. But we all did already won with such a great experience!

More photos about this contest you can find here and photo's from our trip to Bologna and the Fair you can find here

Jun 13, 2017

Winner Worldwide Picturebook Illustration Competition!

Good news! I am one of the three Dutch winners of the Worldwide Picturebook Illustration Competition! I am happily surprised by it! You can read more about this competition here

I've send in three illustrations that goes along with a selfmade story calling: No time!

And they were chosen! In Octiober there will be a travelling exhibition including work of the in total 12 winners; 3 from Germany, 3 from the United Kingdom, 3 from South Africa and 3 from the Netherlands.

The exhibition starts in my hometown Rotterdam the 4th of October and travels then to the Bilderbuch Museum in Troisdorf  in Germany and The Hive in Worcester in the United Kingdom. And maybe even to Shanghai!

They also will print a catalogue, which will be shown on the Frankfurter Buchmesse and the Bologna Childrens's Bookfair.

I have a reason to have red cheeks right now, don't you think? ;-)

May 20, 2017

In Memori-Mam (7)

Today it's already seven years ago my Mam suddenly passed away. Each year after that day on the 20th of May I make a special in memori-mam here on my blog.

When she died I took her last geranium and every year we multiply them. We place them in the garden next to our holiday home on our island in de Bergsche Plas in Rotterdam. In autumn we take them with us to our home.

Not all, because that would be too much... And we make new ones of them. Last Wednesday we planted them again. The photo above was taken last year in August.
I wish my Mam could see it....

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Jul 21, 2016


And the winner of the 30 K followers give away is....

Find out here

Jul 20, 2016

Hooray, a give away ;-)

To celebrate the fact there are already over 30 K people who follow Red Cheeks Factory on Instagram, I will give away these postcards. You can join on Instagram or on Facebook

Go to above links to add your comment and tag a friend. Thursday the 21th of July. (Tomorrow) I will pick the winner(s).

May 20, 2016

In Memori-mam (6)

Today it's already six years ago my Mam suddenly passed away. Each year after that day on the 20th of May I make a special in memori-mam here on my blog.

When she died I took her last geranium and every year we multiply them. Last year we had already more than 85! See last years post here

Yesterday I painted an interpretation of my Mam when she was young. It's done from a very small photo. I added a geranium. I still miss her a lot. We had so much fun together.....

Here's another geranium painting I made .My mother was called Annie:

If you like to see the other blogposts I made  to honour her, click the links:

The first year  I posted this blogpost: to honour my mom
(including some funny animations my mother made)

The second year I wrote another blogpost about her: far away, but still near 

The third year I wrote about her geranium

And the fourt year I wrote:  In memori-mam, thinking of you...

Last years post 85 geraniums

Jan 25, 2016

Opening exhibition Ilustrarte in Lisbon

Last week we visited the big Ilustrarte exhibition in Lisbon, where also my work is part of. It's a big honour to be one of the 50 selected illustrators of more than 1700 participants from 72 countries

We took a flight on Wednesday the 20th, so we were in time for the opening on Thursday evening the 21st. It was quite an experience! What an inspiring exhibition.

We arrived at the Electricity Museum some time before the exhibition started. So I had the chance to meet some people, like Ingrid Godon, a Flemish illustrator. I knew her work, but never met her in person. And of course one of the enthusiastic organizers Eduardo Filipe.


Just as the Ilustrarte 12 exhibition in Ghent, which I visited some years ago, the works are presented in a very original way. On tables / houses with lights especially made for this occasion. Each illustrator has one, two or three tables. It depends on the size of their work.

There's also an inspiring solo exhibition of illustrator Serge Bloch, who is a member of the jury.

There were a lot of people at the opening. The speech was in Portugese, so unfortuately I didn't understand a word of it.

My work 'Fishermen' and 'bird friends' presented together on a table with the book 'Stil verwateren'
It's  nice they also see present the books on this exhibition (if the illustrations are published). A lot of people took the time to look inside the book. It was nice to see their interest ;-)

On the floor the illustrators names are written in big nice orange letters. Looks good, hé? ;-)

Here's the other print I've sent in for the exhibition: Growth.

On Friday morning we visited the exhibition again. So we had more time to see all the illustrations When we came we saw this giant anouncement on a building next to the Museum. In between some palm trees ;-)

It's magical when you enter the hall:

Here another view on the tables with my work in front.

 More photos of the exhibition on Facebook

The exhibition will last till half of April. Maybe it's gonna travel, but the organization was not sure about that yet. They need to find some sponsors. I hope it will come to Ghent again. That would be awesome!

We also had some good days in Lissabon. What a nice city it is! I loved all the colors of the houses. It would be a good idea to do so in Rotterdam too!

Dec 12, 2015

Ilustrarte 2016

I am SO happy to tell you I am one of the 50 selected illustrators for the big
Ilustrarte 2016 
exhibition in Lisbon / Portugal next January!

This Summer they asked people all over the world to send in their work, so they could make a selection. Over 1700 people from 72 countries did sent in work.

And  I was one of them...

Although I didn't  think I would have much chance, but I wanted to give it a try.
You never know.... Nothing ventured, nothing gained....

And I am so glad I did, because some time ago I openend an e-mail with congratulations: my work was chosen for the exhibition and the catalogue. Can you imagine how happy I was?

See here the winner, the special mentions and the list of selected illustrators.

I did sent in three giclee prints of some illustrations I made for the big haikubook
'Stil verwateren' in the beginning of this year.  I also did send the big haikubook with 1001 haiku's and 71 illustrations.

The organizers of the festival also asked for a translation of the title 'Stil verwateren'.
That is not easy, because it's a poëtic title with various meanings.

On de Facebook page of author Geert De Kockere we asked his fans to help. It was so nice to get all this support! Interesting suggestions were given.

I also asked a friend and ex-collegue, a native speaker, who lives in Holland for help. And between his suggestions was: Soluble Silence. That directly spoke to me. The author made it into 'In Soluble Silence' and we did have an english translation ;-)

In January the exhibition will take place in the Electricity Musem. The opening is on the 21th of January. We are planning to go there, because I love to see it. I think it will be a great experience with lots of great work to see and nice people to meet! And of course to visit Lisbon. Seems like a good start of the year.

Sep 22, 2015

Nieuw boek 'Tussen oevers van fluitenkruid'

Ik ben stil geweest hier op mijn blog, maar niet zonder reden: ik werkte afgelopen maand aan een nieuw boek.'Tussen oevers van fluitenkruid'

Samen met Vlaams auteur Geert De Kockere, waar ik ook mijn eerste boek 'Stil verwateren' mee maakte.

I've been quiet here lately, I had a good reason. I was working on a new book: 'Tussen oevers van fluitenkruid': 1001 haiku's (in Dutch) and 71 illustrations made by me. In this post you can see some of them. I continue this post in Dutch, but the illustrations are international ;-)

De herfst jongleert weer
met bladeren. Zijn handen
zijn groot en van wind.

Het is een roman van het leven zoals het is in 1000 haiku's en 71 prenten. Dit keer geen papieren boek, maar een mooi vormgegeven e-book, wat je overal mee naar toe kunt nemen....

Ook al bloeien er
veel roze bloesems, verdriet
blijft toch nog bestaan.

Dit is de cover van het nieuwe boek:

Het was een waar feest om aan te werken! Geert en ik inspireerden elkaar. Vaak maakte ik een tekening naar aanleiding van een bepaalde haiku. Dan maakte hij daar nóg een haiku bij, want bij elke prent horen er twee.

Maar Geert schreef ook haiku's bij losse tekeningen die ik stuurde, vaak geïnspireerd op de seizoenen. Een zeer plezante samenwerking dus ;-)

Wintermutsen van
kleurige wol versieren
nu de witte tuin.

Naast de haiku's haalde ik ook inspiratie uit mijn eigen archief. Toen ik bijvoorbeeld onderstaande haiku las, moest ik meteen denken aan een foto, die ik maakte tijdens de grote Matisse tentoonstelling in het Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam deze zomer.Die zet ik dan weer om in een illustratie.

Een modern kunstwerk:
het is de kunst om er zelf
iets van te maken.

Ik heb in dit boek vooral gezocht naar 'de kunst van het weglaten' Dat vind ik mooi bij de haiku passen. Precies de essentie van iets pakken  Vandaar dat de prenten vrij sober zijn.
Een soort beeld-haiku's:

Een groot voordeel van dit e-book is de prijs. In tegenstelling tot het dikke papieren haiku boek, kost dit boek maar tien euro, terwijl je toch dezelfde hoeveelheid aan haiku's en prenten hebt. Het is ook meer dynamisch om te lezen, want je kunt alles uitvergroten met een eenvoudige klik- of knijp-beweging. Ik hoop dat je er net zo enthousiast over raakt als ik ;-)

Meer informatie en hoe je het boek kunt bestellen vind je bij Uitgeverij Pigmalion
Veel leesplezier!

Een wit hemdje aan
de wasdraad. De zomer gaf
zich zopas over.

Aug 3, 2015

Hooray! A birthday GIVE AWAY!!

Hooray!!! Today is my birthday!

That's why I will give away this postcard set:

If you wanna win this set, go to this Facebook post and leave a comment, so I know you wanna win it... ;-)

Have a very nice day!

Jul 14, 2015

100 Days of Animals

On Instagram I joined The 100 Day Project a few month ago. I chose the subject: Animal Characters. and today I published my 100th Animal! I made it!!

It was a fun journey. In the beginning I was in doubt if there would be enough 'drawable' animals for me. Now I know there are. No problem ;-)

Sometimes I drew the same animal twice, as the lion and the elephant, but a different character. I all gave them names with an alliteration. (I also gave them Dutch names)

Some animals were easy, others took more time. Annie Alligator  wasn't that difficult and she still is one of my favorites ;-)

I never drew a mole before for example....here's a shy one ;-)

The funny thing of such a project is, it not only motivates to create something new each day, but also in the end you have a whole collection.

Remember my face a day project? A project I did for a whole year, 365 days. So 100 days was much more easy to achieve.

This project doesn't stop here. I have lots of material to continue. I want to 'deepen' some characters. Place them in other environments and play with emotions and letters It's a rich source. I'm happy with it!

And maybe, maybe, maybe they will appear in a book.Who knows...?
I'm working on it :-) This project certainly will be continued...

You can find all the animals on Instagram.

Jul 6, 2015

exhibition in galerie XS: This is (not) Delft

Already more than a week ago the exhiibition 'this is (not) Delft' opened its doors. It is in the smallest and cutest gallery of Delft: galerie XS.

Margo Weijer, the owner of the gallery invited artists to participate in this exhibition with a special theme: Delft, but in a different way... A fun challenge :-)

I made three postcard sets: a Dutch Partyhat set, a Durch Teaparty set and a Dutch Tulip set:

Besides my work, you can also find these beautiful photographs of Juliette Erkelens

Other participants in this exibition are a.o. Celine Schroeder, Loes van Oosten and Patrice Aarts The exibition will last till the end of September.
(During half Of July till half of August the galerie is only open on Saturdays)

Let me tell you a little about the work I made for this exhibition:

Delft has its famous delftblue paintings, so I thought it would be nice to do something with that, but ofcourse differently.

The first set I made  Dutch 'Partyhats' blue line-drawings with the famous Dutch houses as hats.

Delftblue is often painted on plates, cups and pots, so I also made a set Dutch Teaparty cards with legs and high heels. I din't know teapots could be that sexy...;-)

Because of the Holland theme is often used in delftblue, I couln't resist to make a set of Dutch Tulips

So If you planning a Holiday in Holland, it maybe would be nice to visit this is (not) Delft...
All these postcards are also available in the Red Cheeks Factory shop