Sep 12, 2014

Spoonflower contest - marching band

This week's theme of the Spoonflower contest was marching band.
It's a subject which I love :-)

When I was a theatre performer, we had an act called: 'de bakfietsfanfare'. My partner and I were riding together on a carrier cycle. He played the drums and I played the accordeon. So we had our own little marching (riding) band.

And in Holland we also have special 'marching band days'. I've been there a few times to take photographs. I love the synchronicity, the costumes, and the music. I always become happy, when I see one, that started already when I was a little girl (a looong time ago ;-))

Now I want to ask you a favour again: If you like my design, I can use your vote.
Click this link and scroll to find my Parade Thanks in advance!!!

Sep 11, 2014

kunstfestival Schiebroek

Coming Saturday the 13th of September I will show and sell my work
on the Art-Market Schiebroek.

Last year I was there too, but then it rained and there was a lot of wind.
Now they promise sun, so that sounds good!

The Market is on the Rhododenderonplein and the Peppelweg in Schiebroek near Rotterdam  It's from 10.00 till 16.00 hour. There will also be street theatre.

You are very welcome to visit the festival and if you do, come and say hello to me. :-))

Sep 9, 2014

Muscle Man Paper Doll now also in English!

I have a house full of Muscle Man Paper Dolls! He was sold out, but...
I've  ordered a whole bunch of new ones :-)

I've chaged two little things: the text is handwritten. And I'm happy to say he's now also available in English:  'be strong':  And ofcourse also 'with the Dutch word: 'sterkte!

You can find the renewed Muscle Man Paper Doll in the Red Cheeks Factory shop
and also on Etsy.

Sep 6, 2014

World Wide Artist Blog Hop

I was asked by Kelly Angelovic and Janna Krupinski to join the World Wide Artist Blog Hop. I'm flattered they both chose me as one of the artists who inspire them :-)

In this Blog Hop Post I will share some of Kelly's and Janna's gorgeous works, answer some questions about my own creative process, and I will introduce you to some artists friends who inspire me: Claudi Kessels and Sophie Dufresne.

Kelly Angelovic
Kelly Angelovic is a Colorado based illustrator which I know from Lilla Rogers Bootcamp. Her work is quirky, playful and I love her combinations of shapes, linework and nice color palettes.

 'Let's Play' is a Journal Cover Design for last years Global Talent Search, where she ended up as one of the 50 semi-finalists.

Below a Wall Art piece she created inspired by her favorite beverage.
It's one of a series of three and you can purchase them here

Kelly has written a Blog Hop Post last week, where she also features my work.
You can find her on Facebook and on Pinterest

Tabula Rosi
is the Alter Ego of Janna Krupinski, She lives in Germany, where she creates  beautiful, colorful and happy Art. I also met Janna online during Bootcamp (such an inspiring community:-))

I love all those nice little details and engaging textures in her work. Her handlettering is beautiful too. Look at this funny character she created with the little bird on his toes :-)

With 'a jar full of joy' she won the Hallmark competition. So well deserved!

You can find Tabula Rosi also on Facebook, on Pinterest and on Spoonflower
Janna will write her Blog Hop Post next week.
You can find it on her Tabula Rosi blog

Some questions about my work and creative process
Kelly and Janna passed me some questions:

1. What am I working on?
2. How does my work differ from other work in its genre?
3. Why do I create what I do?
4. How does my creative process work?

1.  What am I working on?
Since I took part in Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells course, I made my first pattern, which I loved.

During this summer I joined the 'Make It In Design Summerschool' which ended yesterday. So I made lots of patterns, I've added a whole new category to my portfolio: surface pattern design.

I recently joined the Global Talent Search, which was quite a journey.
I'm working on some new products for my Red Cheeks Factory shop and my Etsy shop,
which I'm gonna tell more about later. I'm also busy with updating my portfolio

Here are some examples of my work in progress of an Animal Alphabet, I'm working on at the moment:

2. How does my work differ from other work in its genre?
Not an easy question. I hear often: "your work is so you".  But what is that 'so you'? I love to create characters. Draw often people, faces and animals. If I can I also give faces to inanimated objects. They almost all have red cheeks, 

People often smile and become happy when they see my work, they say it's whymsical, quirky and characteristic. I use a lot of handpainted textures. Maybe a combination of all these things make my 'Red Cheeks Factory' style...

3. Why do I create what I do?
Because I looooooove it! It gives me red cheeks. I love the creative process. To invent new things and to surprse myself. I like to tell little stories with my work.

4. How does my creative process work?
It depends on what the assignment is and how much time I have. But mostly I get inspired by seeing lots of images. I gather material  (Google and Pinterest are great sources), Make sketches on paper or directly on my drawing tablet. When the idea is clear I choose a color palette I work on it in Photoshop till I'm satisfied.

Enough about me, now I like to introduce to you the work of two artists, who inspire me:

Claudi Kessels
An illustrator based  in Amsterdam is  Claudi Kessels  I met  her online this spring during the Make Art That Sells course and I immediatly fell in love with her work. It is unique, inventive, clever, beautiful and poëtic. Not only her work speaks to me, I met Claudi in Amsterdam and she is also a very kind person in real life, with her long curly hair and beautiful positive, supportive attitude.

Below her interpretation of the vintage kitchen / tropical fruit bolt fabric assignment. It was immediately one of my favorites:

She also made a lot of nautical drawings. Here's one of them, so inventive! Claudi also uses real materials as shells and feathers in her work, see more here

Below: an editorial piece about meditation. So poëtical! I love those little details as the birds on the girls  swimsuit which go over into the birds in the sky. Very nice and inspiring how she creates her own imaginative world, as it were a dream.

'Sea you' is a little drawing Claudi sends with her e-mails. I love it!
Yes Claudi, I will certainly 'Sea you' :-)

You can find Claudi also on Facebook and on Pinterest

Sophie Dufresne
The second artist I want to introduce to you is: Sophie Dufresne. She is originally from Montreal, but now based in Los Angeles. I also met Sophie this spring. We were in the same class with Claudi.

I love to see Sophies work. It's nice, appealing, clean, bright and clear, I love her shapes and subtile use of textures. During the MATS class, I was always looking forward to Sophies blogposts, where she described her creative process in a very detailed way. An inspiration to follow.

Below: In the land of no coffee, a nice illustration for Bootcamp about beverages, read more here

I also love her animal fables. She makes up a little poem and illustrate it. Such a nice idea! Very poëtical too:

Below another playful animal illustration:

Her nautical band, which she made for Bootcamp, you can almost hear them play...
You can purchase this one on several products here

You can find Sophie also on Facebook and on Pinterest

This was my longest blogpost ever. I hope you've enjoyed reading it. It was fun to write it.
I'm happy with all these inspirations and like to share it with you.

Next week you can read a Blog Hop Post on the blogs of Sophie, Janna and Claudi.
I'm already looking forward to it!
Happy weekend!

Sep 5, 2014

Summerschool - Make It In Design - part 3

My designs for part three of the summerschool

Beginners brief theme jewels.

Jewels was not an easy theme for me, because I'm not a jewels type at all. I googled the theme and saw lots of earring ornaments. It inspred me to the pattern beneath.

I like it as a pattern, but for me it didn't fit the theme enough, so I did continue and made this pattern below, inspired by necklaces and a kind of flower jewels. (More flowers than jewels...) 

Still not yet satisfied So I did continue my jewels pattern journey. The next day I suddenly got this idea to draw ladies with necklaces and earrings. So I combined my favorite subject: faces with the jewels theme. Briljant idea, because now I became happy while making this jewels pattern :-) I also made up a title during the process, which I like very much: 'girls with pearls'

The theme for the intermediate brief was feathers. In part two I made already a feather pattern, so I added some birds to the theme. They also have feathers...

And I came up with my 'birds and feathers' pattern and made this illustration:

The advanced theme was also far from easy. Intricate chaos! Never made something like that. I played with shapes and made first this pattern with squares and circles.

It also had to be nice as a wallpaper. Well, would you put this on your wall? Me not!

So I continued, but the deadline was coming closer and I didn't had much time for such a complcated pattern. So I thought to skip it. But I also had the wish to complete the whole series of  nine assignments of this summerschool. So I did another attempt:

And I like this one more. Not that I want to put it on my wall, but I like the shapes and structures. With such a pattern I find it diificult to know when to stop. There are soooo many possibilities, I could have go on for a while. but there was the deadline, so I've submitted my last pattern too. I'm happy :-)

And now we came to the end of this inspiring summerschool I wasn't expecting anything. It was a free course, but it was great! It challenged me to dive into for me brand new themes  it broadened my horizon and I've made a lot of patterns. Good practice! Thanks to the Summerschool I even made a whole new category on my website: surface pattern design I'm really grateful for this opprtunity. Thank youuuuuuuu!

If you wanna see the whole gallery of patterns made by the others, click here.

Aug 30, 2014

Red Cheeks Factory on the Flow Magazine blog

Today Red Cheeks Factory is featured on the Flow Magazine Blog:

Red Cheeks Factory op het Flow Magazine Blog

It's in the series Saterday Market, where they feature a shop each Saturday.
This time I'm very happy it's Red Cheeks Factory :-)
Flow Magazine is one of my favorite magazines! Thank you!

You can read a little interview with me (in Dutch) here

Aug 26, 2014

Global Talent Search 2014

Recently I joined the Global Talent Search 2014 organized by the Lilla Rogers Studio.
The theme was 'little terrarium' and this is my submission: BLOOM

Today the shortlist is revealed. Unfortunately mine wasn't selected.  999 submissions and only 50 were chosen, so I didn't expect it to be chosen, but to be honest I was hoping to make it into the 2nd round and  have another chance to get an inspiring brief from Lilla Rogers.

If you wanna see all the works click here, my BLOOM  is on page 2.

In the end of October I will doing  part B of the course Make Art That Sells.
I'm looking forward to it, because part A was very inspiring!

Aug 22, 2014


As I wrote before his week the spoonchallege theme is animals. Todayit's one of my favourites: cat. I chose to concentrate only on their faces and made this cat gallery:

Jus saw my cats are feautured on the Spoonflower blog today :-)
more doodles here: #spoonchallenge
Have a nice weekend!

Aug 21, 2014

In memoriam Sieb Posthuma

On the 3rd of August Dutch illustrator Sieb Posthuma
didn't see no longer the light in his life...


This afternoon I visited his exhibition 'een vijver vol inkt' (a pool full of ink) in the Kinderboekenmuseum Den Haag. A very inspiring exhibition, full with color, lightness, humor and beautiful work. Such a great talent...

He has made many nice works, books, theater costumes and decors. It is really very nice to see all his work together in this exhibition. A strange feeling to know he is not with us anymore.


I bought a  book about his life written by Joukje Akveld. You can still vist the exhibition till September. If you have a chance: go!!

Thank you, Sieb Posthuma!

Aug 20, 2014

Summerschool - Make It In Design - part 2

My designs for part two of the summerschool
Beginners brief theme tribal shapes

I googled and found lots of interesting shapes. A lot of them were in black and white. The ones I liked the most to play with, were feathers. First I made some various black feathers. (You can nearly see it on this small size, but I also added some triangles to them for more 'tribal' effect).

Then I began to play with them. I build a pattern in photoshop and make several try-out patterns in between to see if and how they work. Till I find the right balance. Then I added some color to the feathers to make it more lifely.

I also tried another pattern based on triangles,To try some more in this tribal theme, which is new to me. I like it, but when I saw the two patterns together, I decided (after a lot of positive feedback form my classmates) to go for the 'dancing feathers'

Theme of the intermediate brief: animal ptint. It is not my favorite theme. Yes I do like animals, but I'm not a big fan of panter, zebra and tiger prints. But after googling a bit I saw  ladybugs.  I thought this could make a nice pattern.  Fisrt I drew some ladybug shapes with a marker, scanned them and adjusted them in photoshop into a pattern.

For this brief we were asked to make a mock up on a bag.
I made this ladybug... eh...bag ;-)

Theme of the advanced track: tribal collage. Tribal shapes mixed with animal prints brought together as a patchwork pattern. I never done that before and it was quite a challenge to get a nice balance in it. To know when to stop, because I don't want it to be too full. It should be a pattern for kids.  I chose for little elephants and bright colors.

We also were asked to mock it up. On boxes this time. Because I couln't find the proper mock up photograph in time, I made my own chair with two cushions this time. and a bucket, all with the same pattern, but in various sizes.

It is very nice this summerschool challenges me to try out different things and make lots of patterns for my portfolio. I really like to make them and i'm always surprised by the outcome.

These and all the other patterns will be shown in the galleries. Published on the 22th of August. Still one part to go, will be continued...

Aug 19, 2014


And here's prompt #11 for the 30 days spoonflower drawing challenge:

This week it's animal time. I had to google this animal: platypus, a fascinating animal
as if he is made from parts of several animals to one animal. I like him a lot :-)

More spoonchallenge doodles under #spoonchallenge

Aug 17, 2014


And here's prompt #1 for the 30 days spoonflower drawing challenge:

I'll have some catching up to do. Hope I can find the time, because it's fun :-)
More spoonchallenge doodles under #spoonchallenge

Aug 16, 2014


I recently discovered the 30 days drawing challenge on the spoonflower-blog. It has already started for 10 days, but I joined today and prompt #10 was toast.

This is my toast doodle of the day. In Holland we also use the word toast as cheers,
To bring a toast to someone. I'm curious: Is this expression known in your country too?

You can find more spoonchallenge doodles under the #spoonchallenge
and maybe you wanna join too! That would be fun!

Have a nice weekend, toast! ;-)

Aug 12, 2014

Biceps Billy postcard

Yippie! 'Biceps Billy' now available as an A6 postcard.
Toghether with a lot of other postcards all made by Dutch illustrators.
You can find them all together at SaltyStuff 

Aug 8, 2014

Summerschool - Make It In Design - part 1

Here are my first three designs for the 'make it in design' summerschool:

Beginners assignment was to make a tropical summer pattern, I came up with this:

I like to see my patterns mocked up on clothes, so I made an illustration of a tropical girl.

I had to think of the Summer carnaval we celebrate here every year in Rotterdam, all kind of extravagant hats and wigs :) View all tropical patterns of the beginner brief 1 in the summerschool gallery 

The Intermediate assignment was to make a retro geometric pattern for a bathing suit.

I made several designs, it was hard to choose, but I submitted this ´summer diamonds´ design. Because I thought this was the most appropriate for a bathing suit. View all retro geometric patterns of the intermediate brief 1 in the summerschool gallery 

The  advanced assignment (yes, I signed up for that one too ;-)) was to create a water pattern:

I chose for a combination of dancing Octopuses and waves It doesn't show on the picture but I even succeeded to make it a seamless repeated pattern, which was quite a challenge with this design. View  all water patterns of the advanced brief 1 in the summerschool gallery 

The briefs and the work of the other participants are very inspiring. Next Monday we will get three new assignments. I Hope to find time to accomplish these too. Will be continued...

Aug 5, 2014

pattern of the day

I love to make patterns, this is my pattern of the day:

More patterns can be found here