Apr 23, 2015

Poster design Global Art Gatherng

Because I have worked hard on the book 'stil verwateren' in the beginning of this year,
I haven't been able to submit work to the Bootcamp class with Lilla Rogers.
We are now in month 3 and this is my first submission.(I've missed two...)

The assignment for April: design a poster for the real life 'Make Art That Sells' event in June in Brighton, England. The color palette and the text were given.
The rest was up to you. A fun assignment for a real event.
This is my design:

I've never been to Brighton, so I googled what kind of place it is. It's on the seaside with a boulevard. The Brighton Dome, where the event takes place is huge, it looks a bit like a building in a fairytale.

The image which catched my eye immediately was this one:

An enormous ferris wheel which I thought would be a nice idea to use as a methaphor for a gathering. Combined with my love for faces in all various colors to express the global part of the event. I chose yellow for the wheel, so it can also be the sun.
(Let's hope it will shine when this event takes place...;-))

Here are the faces I designed for the poster:

When I was searching on the internet to find pictures of Brighton, I stumbled upon a photo of the Brighton Swimmingclub in 1853! It was not useful for my design, but I love it to find pictures like this, when I'm looking for something else. It made me smile :-)

This assignment is also a competition. All Bootcampers make a poster for this event. There will be one winner. I make myself no illusions because I'm sure there will be lots of great designs to choose from. I worked with joy on this design!

Apr 14, 2015

Animal characters 002 - 004

My new illustration project is four days old now...

On Instagram I post a new animal character each day for 100 days. I love to draw animals and this is a good stimulans to broaden my portfolio for the children book market. I would love to make a picture book once. And you have to start somewhere, isn't it ;-)

Character 004: Boris Boxer

I'm not the only one who is doing the 100 days challenge. When I posted the first character: 'Christopher Cat' on my blog, I got a reaction of one of my favorite illustrators Manon Gauthier. She wants to join me and will post her characters on her blog. They are SO adorable. She will start today. I'm honored she wants to join and looking forward to see her new animal characters!

Character 003: Polly Pig

Character 002: Mike Monkey

Besides broaden my portfolio another  reason I joined this challenge, was because another favorite illustrator of me Claudi Kessels was joining the 100 days project. She makes her own 100 days of naturals. You can check it out on Instagram: clauditekent Very delicate and original!

Apr 11, 2015

Animal characters illustration project

Today I started a new illustration project: I join the 100 days challenge. I'm not sure where the idea started, but I saw it on Facebook and I decided to challenge myself to draw one animal character a day for the coming 100 days. Here's the first:

You can followmy challenge on Instagram if you wish.
I'm curious which characters will appear... :-))

Have a nice weekend!

Apr 5, 2015

Nieuw boek 'stil verwateren' is er! (Book is ready!)

Een beetje eerder dan verwacht is het daar ineens: het boek: 'stil verwateren'.
Daar horen bubbels bij....Proost!

A bit earlier then expected is suddenly our book 'stil verwateren' a fact!

Het boek is prachtig gebonden en grdrukt op heel fijn papier en het heeft twee leeslintjes. Ik ben blij! Kun je 't zien? ;-)

The book is beautiful bound and has 2 read ribbons. The paper feels very nice and I must say I'm happy!. Can you see it? ;-)

Gisteren kwam auteur / dichter  Geert De Kockere vanuit Vlaanderen naar mijn huis in Rotterdam met een flink aantal kilo's boeken die vooruitbesteld waren, zodat we ze samen konden signeren.
Yesterday author / poet Geert De Kockere came from Belgium to my house in Rotterdam  to bring all the pre-ordered books, so we could sign them together.

Voor mij was het de eerste keer om een boek te signeren, dus ik vond het best spannend, maar na een middagje signeren was het net of ik dat al jaren deed.... ;-)

For me it was the first time I made a book and had to sign it, so I felt a bit nervous to write in it, but after an afternoon of signing books it looked like I had done that for whole my life... ;-)

De boeken worden de komende week naar iedereen die vooruit bestelde verzonden en die ontvangen ook een cadeautje. Als je het boek met 1001 haiku's en 71 prenten nog niet bestelde maar je wilt het wel graag hebben, kun je het natuurlijk alsnog hier doen.

Ik ben heel blij met deze mijlpaal en hoop van harte dat er nog meer zullen volgen....

I'm very happy with this milestone and I hope I will make more books in the future, because I love it!

Mar 27, 2015

Illustration project 'all kind of things'

I'm working on a new illustration project: 'all kind of things' I mostly draw characters and faces. So I challenge myself in this new project to only draw 'things':

And the fun is: if you do that for a while, you suddenly have a whole collection :)

I'm always looking for characters, emotions and a kind of story in my work. This is the biggest challenge in my 'all kind of things' project. To draw the things in a way they have a sort of soul.

And sometimes I give them a face and even red cheeks (I can'tt help it... ;-)

I also experiment with hand lettering in this project :-)

Will be continued... ;-)

Mar 22, 2015

Exhibition Carll Cneut 'in my head'

Yesteday I visited the wonderful and impressive exhibition of Carll Cneut 'in my head' in Ghent in Belgium. I took some (not so good quality) photos to give you an impression, but it's better to visit it yourself, because it is an inspiring expericence  which is difficult to catch in photographs....

What made the day extra special was to meet a whole bunch of illustrators from Belgium and Holland which I know from Facebook. We went for a lunch and walked the exhibition togther :-)

The first part of the exhibition is about Carll's youth. You get an audio guide with lyrics written especially for this project by Wouter Deprez and Carll Cneut. I saw a lot of laughing people. The stories are really funny.

The second part of the exhibition shows the original works he made through the years. I was really surprised how small they were. Sooo many details, so precise... Wonderful colors, textures, fantasy, a treat to look at!

And ofcourse I also bought his latest book 'De Gouden Kooi'

At the end we met Carll in person in his studio at the exibition. He thought he was able to work there during the exhibtion, but due to the giant succes he is only signing books all day..  He also signed our books :-)

When we wanted to leave and said goodbye. Carll asked if we would like to have an illustrator group photo with him in the middle. Isn't that sweet? ;-)

So here we are, from left to right:

Els Vlieger, Ellen Vesters, Nelleke Verhoeff (me), Carll Cneut, Lien Geeroms, Vera Van Groos and Ine Beerten.

Illustrator Pencilory Pecncilory had left already and during lunch we also met Vicky Lommatsch.

It was a wonderful day! Full with great impressions and inspiring conversations.
Thank you all :-)

Mar 20, 2015

portfolio update

This week I've updated my website. I've added some new work. I also added a whole new projects section about the book 'stil verwateren'  I have made with author / poet Geert De Kockere. It's almost ready now. They expect it the 3d of April! How exciting :-)

Here is an illustration I made for the book:

And another one. It goes along with haiku's in Dutch.

I've added a whole bunch of them to my website under the menu item projects
So if you are curious, have a go ;-)

Je kunt nog steeds voorintekenen op het boek, dan krijg je een geisgneerd exemplaar en een cadeautje.

Mar 15, 2015

Restyling Company 'De Luchtreiziger'

Last two weeks I worked on a restyling of the Dutch Hot Air Balloon Company 'De Luchtreiziger'. (The Air-Traveler) We also restyled their website. The project was in cooperation with  my partner Herman from Yepr 

This is the backside of their business card, a special 'Luchtreiziger' mascotte ;-)

Besides the design for the website and businesscard I also designed a flyer,
a birthday giftcard, a flag, a polo shirt, a sticker, and a certificate.

Here's the special Luchtreiziger birthday card:

And I made some animated pictures for the website:

....this one is already for Christmas....

...and one for the football championships...

...and ofcourse the olympic games....

It was a fun project to work on :-)

Mar 9, 2015

Printing process book 'stil verwateren'

This morning at 10 o'clock they started the printing process of the book 'stil verwateren', with haiku's from author Geert De Kockere and illustrations by me.
(photo's: Geert De Kockere)

Because the book will have 576 pages the printing process will last for three days....

As you can see, it's a very delicate process....

So nice to see our work rolling out of the press. Unfortunately I wasn't able to have a look, because it'is printed in Belgium, where Geert De Kockere lives. But I'm glad he took these photographs :-)

You can find more photo's of the printing process here

After these three days the pages will go to the binder.
The book will be expected half of April, but maybe a bit earlier now...

For the Dutchies: je kan nog steeds voorintekenen voor het boek. Dan ontvang je een fraai cadeautje. Meer informatie vind je hier

Feb 26, 2015

Haikuboek 'stil verwateren'

I've been quiet lately, but with such a good reason. I worked on the haikubook with author Geert De Kockere and it's almost ready to go to the printer.It will be expected somewhere In the middle of April. The haiku's are all in Dutch. This will be the cover:
See more images here

And now I continue in Dutch:

Want vanaf vandaag  kun je het boek al bestellen. Je kunt voorintekenen. Dan ontvang je straks een gesigneerd exemplaar door Geert De Kockere en door mij :-)

En de eerste 100 worden genummerd. Maar ook krijg je een fijn kado. Meer weten? Kijk op deze speciale webpagina met informatie over het boek.

Feb 14, 2015

Happy Valentinesday :-)

happy valentinesday

Hope you all have a Wonderful Valentineday!
This week #happyvalentinesweek on the happymakersblog

Jan 22, 2015

My work In the media

This week you can find an illustration of me in Dutch Magazine FLAIR.
In cooperation with Flair, Monique van der Vlist from the HappyMakersBlog (inspiring blog in dutch) selected 8 'happy illustrations' to add as postcards to this weeks magazine. A special gift to their readers. My 'girl with birds' is one of them :-)

Also in this month FLOW magazine....

Sjoukje van de Kolk wrote an article about thinking different. She asked me some questions about where I get my inspiration. It's a short piece about how I play with reality.

For the dutch followers: Als je het stukje wilt lezen, klik dan hier of nog beter kijk in de Flow :-)

Jan 17, 2015

time for a walk

After a few weeks of hard work on the book we are making, I took a well deserved day off today! I went with my brother to the woods of Hollandsche Rading in Utrecht.

It was such a beautiful day! Being in nature gives me fresh energy :-)
Especially when the sun shines and everything is sparkling and shiny.

You could even 'hear' the forest, because it had rained a lot and drops were falling out of the trees.

I made pictures with my phone and the hipstamatic filter. New to me, but I love it!

It was fun to experiment and see all the results afterwards...

And now my mind is fresh again to continue my work on the haiku book project :-)

Dec 30, 2014

Haiku book project

Great news! I'm working on a book together with Flemish author / poet Geert De Kockere.

It will be a luxurous book, more than 600 pages. A combination of 1001 haiku's and my drawings. Old and new ones. This could be a possible cover:

We did work together before on the 'real face book project'. Remember?

This cooperation is a fun and interesting creative process. Sometimes Geert makes haiku's inspired by my drawings. and sometimes I  make drawings inspired by his haiku's. So I draw a lot lately, which I love doing.

The text will be all in Dutch and unfortunately difficult to translate.
Will be continued :-)