May 20, 2018

In Memori-Mam - Geranium Art

Today it's eight (already eight? yes eight!) years ago my Mam suddenly passed away. Each year after that day I make a special in Memori-Mam here on my blog.

I wrote before about the geranium I took with me after she died. About our growing geranium field.We just put all the geraniums out in our garden again after the winter staying inside.

I  already have a lot of geranium pictures. Never knew this plant would be such an inspiration for me. I took this photo last year in my house: Some geraniums behind our white curtains.It's almost a painting, don't you think?

When I see a geranium, I always think of my Mom. And I have them all around me :-)

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Lies said...

Ze blijven onmisbaar, onvergetelijk, onze mama's.
Knuffel, Nelleke.