Apr 2, 2018

Finalist Silent Book Contest 2018

It has been so long ago since I posted something here. But now I've got such a great news! I'm a finalist in the Silent Book Contest 2018! That means an exhibition on the Bologna Children's Book Fair!

Last week we (my friend and I) visited the Fair. It was our first time. It was so inspiring! The exhibition was really nice! Nine prints were exhibited from each finalist. I made a book named 'Concerto'

Work from the winners of the last four years were also  presented including their books.

In total there are nine finalists. All have their own quality. In May one winner will be picked.

My book 'Concerto' is about a piano player and his cat. They make a musical journey. A Silent book means a book without words. You have to think differently. More only in images. I wanted to make something about music, because music has its own language. Also the making process was different from earlier books. Much more organic. A very interesting process!

Here are six of the nine finalists who came to the Fair. We had great fun on the opening. Can you spot me? Hahaha.

There also was a presentation on the Bologna Book Fair in the illustrator's cafe. They showed our books on a big screen. We had to tell a little bit about our book. We all were a bit nervous. It's huge there ...

Never thought my work would be shown on such a big screen on such a big event. I feel privileged to be amongst these talented finalists.

The winner will get his or her book published by Carthusia, an Italian publisher. But we all did already won with such a great experience!

More photos about this contest you can find here and photo's from our trip to Bologna and the Fair you can find here


Lies said...

Een stukje 'dagboek', Nelleke, om te bewaren.

Régui said...

I am sooooo proud of my beloved teacher!!! Congratulations, dear Nelleke!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Nelleke, super! Kan me voorstellen dat je het voelde kriebelen in jouw buikje. Ik duim voor je, maar je bent nu al een winnaar toch ;-). Lieve groeten, Chantal (Haiku)