Jun 28, 2011

Silly Tilly

Silly Tilly, the abstract adventures of a little teacan.

These illustrations are the result of the visual journaling pika-artist-bootcamp I've joined last weeks. I've experimented with abstract emotions and a leading person: a teacan.
It was really a challenge, because I never do something abstract.
I did like to experiment with the combination abstract/figurative.

Jun 26, 2011

Jumping in Art Museums

These are two pictures I've made for the blog: Jumping in Art Museums
A whole blog with photos from people who jump in front of art,
to show their excitement. I've send these to this blog.
Within a few weeks they will be placed there.

The photos are taken yesterday in the kunsthal in Rotterdam
next to the sculpture from Ayako Rokakku.
The enthusiast jumper is my brother Jan.
I also liked Ayako's painted animations

Jun 19, 2011

inspiration: All About Drawing

Today I went to the exposition All About Drawing in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.
It was nice to see so much variation in drawings. I liked the work from Anne Semler.
Also the work from Marleen Kappe who combined drawing with collage.
And the drawings from Marlies Appel.

Jun 17, 2011

inspiration: Paulien Oltheten

Still three days left to visit the exposition from Paulien Oltheten in the Photomuseum Rotterdam. (till June the 19th) I like the way she looks at things and combines them, it is really fascinating, inspiring and refreshing! If you have the time, go and have a look!
Avro's kunstuur made an item about her (dutch spoken)

Jun 9, 2011

inspiration: Geert De Kockere & Carll Cneut

One of my favourite picturebooks is Woeste Mie (Wild Winnie)
from Geert De Kockere and illustrator Carll Cneut.

It's about Wild Mie who wants to have a party, a HUGE party.
But her husband is afraid, because he remembers the last one,
when it all was great, but a bit too much.
The writing-style is funny and I really LOVE the illustrations!

Jun 5, 2011

vous permettez monsieu

This week our famous Willem Duys died. He was a television talkshow host back in the old days. He was already on television when we only had black and white. In one of his talkshow he invited Adamo with a group of belgium children. They sing 'Vous permettez, Monsieu' together. It's so funny to see the enthousiasm of these singing kids.

Jun 4, 2011

inspiration: ilustroskop

I've just discovered a very inspiring blog: ilustroskop
with so many great illustrators, illustrations and inspiring links!
I really have red cheeks again :-)

Jun 1, 2011

a face a day May 2011 (halfway)

Here's an overview of my face-a-day-project from the month May.
You can see much more faces on a face a day
I'm now halfway! Started in december 2010!