Nov 29, 2018

Back to school again ;-)

The last six weeks I went back to school again. A very special online class: 'Your own voice' teached by the Spanish illustrattor Javier Zabala. I'm a big fan of his work, so when I saw this class passing by, I didn't have to think long to join. I do share here some of the works I've made during this fun, exciting and inspiring trip:

We did experiment with a lot of different techniques. The image above is a mixture of collage, stencils and Photoshop)

Below Stencils, collage and chinese ink:

Javier did show his techniques in special videos. Each week was around another theme. We also did get a lot of theory about masters of influence, finding your voice, the essence of a character and composition.

An experiment wirh chinese ink:

One assignment was to do 20 'covers'. It had to be quick drawings in the same style, that could be  covers for a sketchbook project. I chose faces as subject, but in a different way from what I normally do. Here are some of them:

Very interesting was also the week about finding the essence of a character. We played a game and had to guess which characters we had chosen. Here two of the characters i've made. (Not so difficult to guess, he?)

One of the techniques we did was monotype. I did experiment before with it. But it is fun to explore it more,. I do like the effect of this technique a lot:

In the end we had to make a final work. It will be published in a (digital) catalogue for the Bologna Bookfair. I did do some mixed media experiments  I'm not sure which one to choose as final one. I think I will go for the wolf in the forest (the first image of this post)

Which one would you choose?

I hope to continue with experimenting. And to explore 'my voice' more and more. And use the techniques I've learned in the books and other works I make and wanna make ... ;-)

For those who are interested: Here's a link to this class. I think it will be repeated in the future. Highly recommended!