Nov 30, 2011

a face a day: finale!

Tadaaaa! Here's the last overview of my face a day project:
the month November.

I started this project on the 1st of December 2010.
I've made 365 faces, a whole year long, each day one...
You can see them on my face-a-day-blog.

I'm very glad and proud I've made it!
Publishing a face each day was quite a lot.
But most of all: it was fun and it gave me red cheeks :-)

Nov 24, 2011

Movember Friends

Moustache month to help raise awareness for the Movember:
for men's health. Moustaches are growing everywhere in this month :-)

Creaturemag is organizing the first Moustache Illustration Awards.
I did join with these two illustrations, they are published today in
Moustache Illustration Awards part 7

Nov 23, 2011

mouse 315

I made this guest-mouse for Marian from the 365 mouses blog
It's a nice blog, with all kind of mouses, Very inventive and fun to follow :-)

Nov 22, 2011

inspiration: various artists 5

Here's the fifth post in the serie: various artists.
So many inspiring artists with beautiful work!
Here are some parts of their illustrations, so you can get a small impression.
To see more of their work click on the links:

From left to right:
Aris Moore
Ashley Percival
Corinna Staffe

Nov 19, 2011

IF: vanity

illustration friday: vanity

I had to think of one of my favourite fairy-tales: the emperor's new clothes,
the summit of vanity :-)

Nov 16, 2011

all about emotions

This was the last week Animals in Art class from the
Dancing Cat Art School. This weeks theme: Animals in Emotion

I've chosen the goat as my subject. To emphasis the different emotions
I've made this animated picture: 'mixed feelings'

Nov 8, 2011

Adventures in Collage

Here are some works I've made for the Animals in Art class from the
Dancing Cat Art School:
Adventures in Collage

This is an experiment with the environment as a collage into an animal.
Mixing polarbear and Northpole

Here I've tried the same to see if I could make a series. It could be a start...
Mixing lion and Africa

And a photo-collage: greetings from Paris
inspired by Paris and the Eiffel-Tower with a mix
of London men and giraffes.

When I was surfing on the internet I found a very inspiring blog,
with all kind of animal-art: the animalarium

Nov 1, 2011

a face a day October 2011

Here's an overview of my face-a-day-project from the month October.

This is ALMOST the last overview.
Still one month to go and my project a face a day is complete!!

The countdown has started: still 29 faces to go...