Nov 24, 2011

Movember Friends

Moustache month to help raise awareness for the Movember:
for men's health. Moustaches are growing everywhere in this month :-)

Creaturemag is organizing the first Moustache Illustration Awards.
I did join with these two illustrations, they are published today in
Moustache Illustration Awards part 7


Unknown said...

Leuk initiatief, heb erover gehoord. Ik vind vooral de tweede illustratie leuk.

Unknown said...

These are fantastic. It's funny seeing hair on some men's faces, which at any other time of the year are cleanshaven.

Unknown said...

met hun kokerachtige lichamen passen ze goed en poseren voorbeeldig/
grappige tekening

leuk kapsel heeft de clown

roberto M. said...

I like your drawing,
did I told you?
I will say it again, each time I return :)
good weekend!

Helmi said...

MOOI, ik hou niet van snorren maar je tekeningen zijn fantastisch. Fijn weekend.

Koosje Koene said...

Mo mo's!
The one with the cord moustache is brilliant!

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

LOVE IT!! wonderful illustrations - such fun!!

Just joined your cute imaginative blog :-}
I hope you will stop by and say hello to my ceramic animal friends and join me as a follower!

HUGS Lorraine

Janet said...

I love your mo's :-) Very cool!