Jun 29, 2012

local depression

Today I'm starting a new project: twins.

I'm always fascinated by the synchronicity of them, I love the repetition.
So every now and then I shall post more twins:
persons, animals or things, it's all possible,
a new challenge is born :-) http://blog.redcheeksfactory.com/search/label/twins

Jun 28, 2012

inspiration: various artists 10

It has been a while ago, but here is post number 10 in the serie: various artists.
To see more of these artists inspiring work click on the links:

from left to right:
Isabelle Arsenault
Klara Persson
Astrid Yskout
Trui Chielens

Jun 21, 2012

set of yoga cards

remember my yoga card make it happen?

I created two new yoga cards:
'make it possible'

and 'more than you think'

Jun 20, 2012

Red Cheeks Factory on facebook

Red Cheeks Factory now also has it's own facebook page
Take a look if you want and if you like it, you are invited to click the like button.
I will appreciate it. Thanks in advance :-)

Jun 6, 2012

trio umbrella

This morning I saw a woman with an umbrella,
I didn't see her head. It looked funny.
It inspired me to this drawing.

Jun 3, 2012

inspiration: illustratie biënnale 2012

Yesterday I went to the illustratie biënnale in Haarlem.
It was a very inspiring afternoon with short lectures
from different illustrators talking about their work and inspiration.
I liked the variety of the program.

The enthusiasm of Kate Bingaman Burt talking
about her fascination for consumption was inspiring
I also like the work of Max Kisman
but most of all I am impressed by the daily drawings
in red pencil from Babette Wagenvoort

There was also launched a new blog: illustration daily
where illustrators can share their personal and editorial work.

Jun 1, 2012