Jun 1, 2012

make it happen!

an inspiring quote from my yoga teacher this morning:


Rod MacGregor said...

Thats a good quote...very funny drawing as well!

Jess said...

Love the drawing! I wish I could still do that.:)
Jess x

roberto M. said...

Very clever.
Excellent quote,
life goes fast, there are things we can expect, but there are things we can not expect, for example, we can expect to improve our drawing over the years, (we can not do from one day to the other) but the decision to begin to draw, to achieve it, we must take today.
Excellent picture as always. congratulations, Nelleke! :)

Unknown said...

helemaal waar! probeer ik altijd te doen en soms schiet ik daarvan in de stress, haha. yoga erbij zou waarschijnlijk een goede oplossing zijn ;-)
leuke, mooie tekening erbij trouwens, vind het groen mooi.

Johbont said...

ze is in haar (gebreide) groene bikini helemaal in vorm, letterlijk.
mooie kleuren

Koosje Koene said...

Great quote, nice illustration!

Carole Reid said...

Oh to be that flexable......it's not going to happen though!