Jul 31, 2011

a face a day July 2011

Here's an overview of my face-a-day-project from the month July.

Another month gone. Time flies when you're having fun :-)
I'm on two-third now, I started the first of December 2010

Jul 26, 2011

inspiration: Summer Expo 2011

Today I visited the Summer Expo in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag.
It has the title: anonymous chosen. This exhibition is already a tradition in London.
Artists can send in three works and they are selected anonymous by a jury.
Themes this year are: landscapes, portraits and still life. It's nice to see this exposition, all new artists to me and such a diversity. On the photo works from:
Mitzie Versteeg, Irma de Bruijne, Marit Maes and Laurien Sneep.

Jul 21, 2011

wide angle lense

It's almost my birthday. (a special one this time, because I become 50....pffff...)
Yesterday I've received already my present: a wide angle lense for my camera.
I'm very happy with it! It can be a great inspiration for my face a day project
I need to experiment with it, what works and what not, but it gave already a lot of fun :-)

Jul 12, 2011

inspiration: Vincent van Gogh

Yesterday I went with Johbont to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. We thought we'd go early to avoid the huge crowd of visitors, but it was already very crowded. I've never been to a Museum with so many people. A bigger contrast is not possible. Van Gogh was hankering for acknowledgement during his life, but he got none and now he's over-famous, but he will never know... I think that's sad and I wish it had been different for him...

Jul 10, 2011

face-inspirations (2)

Here are some more inspirations from my face a day project.
This is a follow-up from an earlier post face-inspirations

The first one face 220 is after my most favourite monkey in Blijdorp Zoo. We call him Cor. He looks so sad and depressive, I always feel sorry for him. It was a challenge to change him into a man.

The second one face 221 is after another monkey in Blijdorp Zoo. It's one of the "Cor-nuiten" (friends from Cor) He/she looks a bit more happy than Cor, but I also see some sadness in the eyes. It was a challenge to change him (or her) into a girl.

Jul 5, 2011

a face a day June 2011

Here's an overview of my face-a-day-project from the month June.

I wonder what's your favourite of the month June? And Why?
You can see the faces better on my other blog a face a day