May 8, 2011


I like to share some inspirations from my face a day project

The first one face 75 is little red riding hood. This is one of my favourite youth-photos: me as a very shy infant with big glasses dressed up as little red riding hood to walk in a dressed-up parade. I first made a rough sketch with a big marker, I scanned this sketch and painted the rest in photoshop.

face 116 When I was watching the tv, I saw our news-reader was wearing an interesting jacket. I made a quick drawing of her jacket (I've made up her face, we don't have news-readers like this :-)), scanned the sketch and coloured it in photoshop.

face 107 I like to go to the Zoo with my camera. I made this picture of a gull and the moment I took it, I knew it would be a great challenge for a face. I like the different personalities of animals and I've made the gull into this gullman.


Anja Brunt said...

Prachtig die voorbeelden dat maakt het nog leuker.
Wat leuk om te zien waar het mannetje met de meeuwentoet vandaan komt.

LuTi said...

Erg leuk, maar met de begeleidende tekst is het nog leuker!

Unknown said...

Leuk om de inspiratie-bron te zien, je kunt echt goed herkennen waar de illustraties vandaan komen, ook al maak je er zoiets "eigens" van. Goed hoor! Ik vind roodkapje erg leuk!

johbont said...

he een inkijk in de factory, het lab
de meeuw is echt een goeie, maar ook leuk te zien hoe je de kleine Nelleke illustreerde en de nieuwslezeres tot inspiratie diende

wie weet een terugkerend thema? een paar illustraties uitleggen

nelleke said...

Fijne reacties, bedankt! :-)
johbont, 't Zou best eens een terugkerend thema kunnen worden.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your inspirational post such a fanatstic creative approach!!

B @ Sweet Limes said...

What brilliant faces! I'm laughing at the dude you made from the seagull, how creative...and that one of the news anchor, FAB...and the Little Red...what a darling self portrait!

I just adore your style!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nelleke, I just discovered you! How great to meet someone on CED who actually lives nearby and has almost the same name :-) I just LOVE your animal personalities, hi-la-ri-ous and yet so wise. Looking forward to see more! Nele (Belgium)