Feb 26, 2014

work in progress

working on new products for the Red Cheeks Factory

Here's a little sneak peak on some new products I'm creating
for the Red Cheeks Factory. It's a part of my kitchen table.

Unfortunately I don't have a big studio, so I work at home.
That means when I create new things my house is full of places
with all kind of prototypes, paper dolls, faces, drawings, glue, paint etc.
And we eat at a little camping table as if we were on a campsite
in the middle of the creativity :-)

Feb 21, 2014

Handsome Herbert postcard

Handsome Herbert, original collage postcard with real breast hair

Lately I'm experimenting with all kind of materials.
I work with papmaché, clay, collage, glue, pencils, ink...
It's fun and it brings new ideas, I even experimented with hair.

It resulted in Handsome Herbert, an original collage postcard with REAL breasthair :-))
You can find it in my Etsy shop

Happy weekend!

Feb 16, 2014

say cheese!

Did you know we eat a lot of cheese in Holland?

I like it a lot. It's one of my favourite things to eat.
A pity it's not good for your weight, otherwise I would eat much more of it...

What's your favourite food?

Happy Sunday!
greetings from Holland!

Feb 11, 2014

ode to my glasses

I have three different kind of glasses, without them I can't see so clear.
In some cases this can be an advantage, but most of the time I need to see sharp.
so I'm constantly juggling with them.

The fisst one is the most important: a multifocal one which I wear everyday
The second one I wear behind my computer to see the screen.
But these two weren't enough, so I bought a third one for reading.

I try to keep them on places where I easily can find them and I won't accidently sit on them
I even have a soft piece of fabric on my desk for my computer glasses,
because it broke already two times and then I'm lost...

The glasses also give inspiration for photographs.
I often see the soft light shining through the glasses which is inspiring.
So they are not only helpful for my eyes, but also for my creativity :-)

Feb 10, 2014

featured on Artistic Moods Art blog

A nice start of this week:

Red Cheeks Factory featured on Art Blog Artistic Moods

My work is featured today on the Art blog: Artistic Moods
It's an inspiring blog full with great work of people I admire,
so it's an honour to be featured there :-)

It's all curated by Sandra Apperloo a Dutch Art lover
TIP: She's also got an inspiring page on facebook

Feb 7, 2014

friday afternoon face doodles

I'm a bit quiet lately, that doesn't mean I'm not busy.

I'm working on new products, that takes time to develop
The creative proces, inventing things and not knowing what the outcome will be.
Exciting, I have red cheeks, while writing this :-)

In between it is sometimes very nice to just doodling around
and I must say faces are still one of my favorite subjects

Have a very nice weekend!

Feb 5, 2014

exhibition at Aan De Kade

raamexpositie Red Cheeks factory bij Aan De Kade

This month a few of my works are exhibited at Aan De Kade.
It's an initiative of artist Marilou de Poorter. She's organizing monthly
exhibitions at her small gallery Aan De Kade.

raamexpositie Red Cheeks factory bij Aan De Kade

The exhibition is till 28th of February.
See the other exhibitions here.

Feb 2, 2014

Karels Choice in Haarlem

Today I went with my brother to the exhibition Karels Choice in Haarlem
'Looking back at contemporary Art' selected by Karel Schampers.

We first visited a lecture about the exhibition,
were we heard more about the background of the works and the artists.

My favorite photo was Dame Barbara of Juergen Teller

Above the poster of the exhibition. You can see Karel showing his choice.
The exhibition is in De Hallen in Haarlem, the lecture was in de Toneelschuur

Very impressive was the film Number eight, a work by Guido van der Werve
He's walking in front of a giant icebreaker. The film is called:
Everything is going to be allright..

Above some intriguing portraits of Céline van Balen

The exhibition is till the 2d of March.