Jan 30, 2014

ODE AAN IK - Toon Tellegen

A Dutch poem today made by author Toon Tellegen,
because it's national poetry day in Holland:


Arme ik
arme arme ik
o arme ik

o arme steeds maar armere en armere ik
armelijke ik...

o arme armoedige armlastige armzalige armtierige armhartige ik

erbarmelijke ik
allerallerarmste ik

o doodarme straatarme zielsarme ik
in- en inarme ik

o arme arme árme ik.

Jan 23, 2014

new valentine postcard: 'cats in love'

cats in love, a romantic valentine / wedding postcard

Valentine is coming soon. I made a brand new postcard:
'cats in love' their tails form a heart, isn't that romantic? :-)
If you like it, you can order it here

Jan 22, 2014

Flow Magazine

Look what the postman brought today: a welcome present!
A box with Flow Magazines: all numbers of 2013
A cheerful box full of inspiration, illustrations, tips and nice stories.

verzamelband Flow magazine met de nummers van 2013

I received this present because I finally subscribed to the magazine for coming year.
The subscription starts in March, so I already can come into the right atmosphere :-)
It's extra fun, because some of the contributors are collegues, I know from social media.

Last year I almost was featured in the magazine too, In the theme '365 days projects'.
I was asked to send a selection of my faces of my face a day project.
and already gave a little interview. But unfortunately they skipped the subject,
just before my project was published...

Besides a Dutch version they now also have an international version of the Magazine
So if you are interested, you can have a look on their facebook page
I think you will like it!

Jan 21, 2014

inspiration: various artists 17

And here's already number 17 in the series: various artists.

Nice work of inspiring artists, which I wanna share with you.
Have a look yourself, follow the links to see more of their work:

from left to right:
Joana Rosa Bragança
Oscar Sabini
Beatriz Martín
Marion Barraud

Jan 19, 2014

inspiration: exhibition 'wie ben ik'

Today I went with my brother to the exhibition 'wie ben ik' (who am I)
of photographer Anneke Hilhorst in the Photomuseum Rotterdam.
It was really inspiring, I am very enthusiastic about it!

It's a special project which Anneke calls 'duets'. She selected about fifty children.
Asked them first to make a drawing of themselves, and then she made
a photograph of the child inspired by their drawing.

This is such a good idea! If you should see only the photographs
or only the drawings it wouldn't be that strong, but the combination
makes it magical!

All the duets are good, but some were more than good :-)
I had a big smile on my mouth while walking around.
I almost didn't want to leave. The longer you watch, the more you see...

There's also a book about this project.
The author Joke van Leeuwen made the text inspired by the images.

You can still see the exhibition till the 23th of March
If you are in the neighbourhood, you really should go...

The quality of these photos I posted isn't that good, because it was difficult
to photograph with the camera I took with me.
But I wanted to give you an impression from what I've seen.

Jan 8, 2014

color your world

And again I've made a new print
It's called 'color your world'
It's available here

Jan 2, 2014

New print: Circus Cats

circus cats in retro colors are making fun with each other

A cheerful, joyful and playful start of the year:
I made a brand new giclée print: Circus Cats
If you like you can purchase it in my Etsy shop

Jan 1, 2014

happy new year!

bye bye 2013... welcome 2014...

Again a whole new year in front of us...still empty...
We now only can dream about what will happen.
I like this feeling of openess. It gives new possibilities...

I hope it will be a year full of health, warmth, sun, love, inspiration,
positivity, nice meetings, flexibility, creativity... for all of us.

Happy 2014!