Jul 29, 2013

swing it out!

These are two illustrations of a series musicians I've made:

Jul 22, 2013

Miss Sunshine

and suddenly she was there: Miss Sunshine...

It is really summer in Holland, the sun is shining here for weeks now
Not like the normal summers in Holland
and I love it :-))

Jul 19, 2013


It's almost unbelievable, but my facebookpage reached 2000 likes!
For this special occasion I've made a party illustration

If you wanna join the party, you are welcome!
Here you can find my Red Cheeks Factory facebookpage

Have a wonderful weekend. Here it's still sunny :-)

Jul 17, 2013

kröller müller museum

Yesterday I went with my brother to Park de Hoge Veluwe and
the Kröller Müller Museum .

It is the perfect combination of art and nature.

In the museum there's a combination of old paintings and modern art.
When we saw this sculpture of Bruce Nauman
I had to think of the blog: Jumping in Art Museums:

We joined this blog with a Ayako Rokkaku jump
two summers ago with a big jump in the Kunsthal.

So I asked my brother again for a jump and he did :-)

Next to the museum is a sculpture garden. Very beautiful!
You'd better say a sculpture forest. It is huge and such a nice combination:
sculptures pop up in nature everywhere

and when you look around you see art in 'normal' things
I suddenly saw these eyes staring at me :-)

In the Museum they also have a huge 'Vincent van Gogh' collection.
The famous dutch painter. I wrote about him before
We saw a lot of his paintings: landscapes, portraits, dark ones
and also some of his drawings, which I liked very much!

Before you enter the museum you first have to cross a forest and a heathland
We found a lovely place to eat our lunch

Above is one of the sculptures you can go inside
and enter a beautiful black and white world.

It was a great visit, we didn't see all yet,
so we certainly will go back another time!

Jul 13, 2013

which girl you like more?

Sometimes it's difficult to choose...

I'm designing the two color design for next weeks screenprint workshop
I've made two versions, so now I need to choose...

There are some subtile differences:
The first girl carries her cat in her arms and has a smile on her face.
The second girl uses her cat as a musical instrument and sings a song

I don't know yet, which one to choose, so, it would be very nice
to hear from you which girl you like the most and why
Hopefully it helps me to choose one :-)

Thanks in advance!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jul 11, 2013

first screenprint

Yesterday I went to a screenprint workkshop at the mesh print club

A short workshop to learn the basic principles of screenprinting.
The first assignment was to make a design in one color.
I've made this girl with bird. (little cheating in the one color design,
I'm happy with her red cheeks :-))

I got a lot of information and learned new things, so I forgot to make pictures.
But there are two more workshop evenings.
Maybe I can show some pictures then, if I'm not too busy ;-)

Next time we are going to print a two color design.
I like the challenge of the limitation.