Jul 17, 2013

kröller müller museum

Yesterday I went with my brother to Park de Hoge Veluwe and
the Kröller Müller Museum .

It is the perfect combination of art and nature.

In the museum there's a combination of old paintings and modern art.
When we saw this sculpture of Bruce Nauman
I had to think of the blog: Jumping in Art Museums:

We joined this blog with a Ayako Rokkaku jump
two summers ago with a big jump in the Kunsthal.

So I asked my brother again for a jump and he did :-)

Next to the museum is a sculpture garden. Very beautiful!
You'd better say a sculpture forest. It is huge and such a nice combination:
sculptures pop up in nature everywhere

and when you look around you see art in 'normal' things
I suddenly saw these eyes staring at me :-)

In the Museum they also have a huge 'Vincent van Gogh' collection.
The famous dutch painter. I wrote about him before
We saw a lot of his paintings: landscapes, portraits, dark ones
and also some of his drawings, which I liked very much!

Before you enter the museum you first have to cross a forest and a heathland
We found a lovely place to eat our lunch

Above is one of the sculptures you can go inside
and enter a beautiful black and white world.

It was a great visit, we didn't see all yet,
so we certainly will go back another time!


Unknown said...

What a delightful day
Thanks for sharing
I love a good museum!

Jan said...

oh nou wat een sprong!
goed verslag van een fijn bezoek