Jul 11, 2013

first screenprint

Yesterday I went to a screenprint workkshop at the mesh print club

A short workshop to learn the basic principles of screenprinting.
The first assignment was to make a design in one color.
I've made this girl with bird. (little cheating in the one color design,
I'm happy with her red cheeks :-))

I got a lot of information and learned new things, so I forgot to make pictures.
But there are two more workshop evenings.
Maybe I can show some pictures then, if I'm not too busy ;-)

Next time we are going to print a two color design.
I like the challenge of the limitation.


roberto M. said...

Hi, N. I love your black and white design, very well used the resource positive-negative, you're great!
I do not understand, if it is a single color, how are red cheeks?
do you painted it afterwards?

nelleke said...

hehe, Roberto, that's a good question ;-)

It is made with one screen. I taped the cheeks when I inkted it black. Cleaned the screen and afterwards I taped the girl and only left the cheeks open and did another go with red.

It was worth it :-)

Cindi said...

Very cute!

Screenprinting "gets into your head", doesn't it? Especially when you limit yourself to one or two colors. A good challenge.

Jeannie Hunt said...

She looks very happy and makes me smile too.

roberto M. said...

thanks for your explanation, Nelleke. This sounds like cheating, Ha Ha ;) good weekend! :)))))

Unknown said...

ja de print is prachtig, het meisje groos met haar vogels,
die lustig fluiten

Koosje Koene said...

Way. Too. Cute.
I love screen printing!

Rod MacGregor said...

Thats a nice print...I am a big fan of screen printing...the safe waterbased one!

Katarzyna Zalewska said...

Fantastic piece!