Feb 26, 2014

work in progress

working on new products for the Red Cheeks Factory

Here's a little sneak peak on some new products I'm creating
for the Red Cheeks Factory. It's a part of my kitchen table.

Unfortunately I don't have a big studio, so I work at home.
That means when I create new things my house is full of places
with all kind of prototypes, paper dolls, faces, drawings, glue, paint etc.
And we eat at a little camping table as if we were on a campsite
in the middle of the creativity :-)


Anonymous said...

Those will be brooches?
Same story with me, I do not have a studio, so there is no table in the apartment that it is not occupied with my "creative stuff". :D

nelleke said...

No, it will be Red Cheeks Factory magnificent magnets, Martina ;-)

Ellen Vesters said...

Superleuk!!! Ik zou zeker ook voor een broche serie gaan, Nelleke! Ik ben de eerste die er eentje koopt :).

Unknown said...

Hoi Nelleke, ze zien er super leuk uit! Waarvan heb je ze gemaakt?

nelleke said...

Leuk te horen, Ellen, ik houd je op de hoogte :-)

bedankt Celine, sommige zijn van papier mache, andere van klei. Ik ben nog volop aan het experimenteren.

Carole Reid said...

I will think of you eating at you little table and smile knowing creativity is rushing about your place!

Unknown said...

prachtig leuk deze uitbreiding van je assortiment (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!)