Mar 6, 2014

the perfect nature - culture mix

Yesterday I had a day off. And what a good timing it was!
The first Sunny Spring Day of the year! I even lunched without my jacket on,
in the lovely and warm sun :)

Ideal for me is a mixture of nature and culture.
My brother and I walked through Den Hague, you wouldn't think of it,
but there are very nice parcs and even woods there.

It was beautful between all those trees, refelections and shades.
The world looks so good when the sun is shining!

After lunch we visited the Gemeentemuseum. We saw a lot of Modern Art.
Above is a painting from Jacoba van Heemskerck.

When entering the museum there's a small corridor with on both sides glass.
They placed various bird stickers on them to warn the birds, so they don't
bump up against these windows. My favorite was the one above!

There was also an exhibition for children about Coco Chanel.
With beautiful and playful illustrations from Annemarie van Haeringen

An ideal day full of oh's and ah's, a lot of sunshine and inspiration!
And now back to work again, also good :-)


Anja Brunt said...

Zo leuk de boom met ogen!

Jan said...

mooi verslag van een fijne dag