May 20, 2015

85 Geraniums....

Today it's exactly 5 years ago my Mam passed away. Every year after she died, I've made a special blogpost to honour her. In a few of these previous blogposts I wrote about her last geranium. I took it with me to take care of it...

I wrote about the slips we are taking every year from this Mother Plant. Second year we had about 10. last year about 30 and this year already over 100 geraniums! My dear friend Herman took care of it with his green fingers :-)

This year my mother had become 85, so we planted last week 85 geraniums in the garden around our little Summerhouse.They are still little ones now, but I think this will be the most beautiful geranium-flowerbed I've ever seen. I'm looking forward to it.

Ofcourse I would like to show it to her... She would have loved her special 'Annie' flowerbed

If you like to read the other posts about my Mam:

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Patrice A. said...

ach Nelleke,
wat mooi! 85 geraniums
wat zal dat prachtig worden
ik vind je post mooi
en ontroerend
ze geven me ook een glimlach
de animaties die ze maakte
maar vooral die schommel!
wat een prachtmens


Jan said...

ach de geraniumstekkies, mooi eerbetoon aan mamma

Unknown said...

Wat geweldig dat mam's plant zich zo in rap tempo vermenigvuldigt!
Bijzonder, de 85 stekkies op het eiland. Nelleke, dank voor de memorial. Liefs Trudie