May 20, 2013

my mom's geranium

Today it's 3 years ago my mom passed away...

The day she died, there was a geranium on her table in her garden.
I took this plant with me, to take care of it.

The year after we took slips from it and now we have a whole bunch of geraniums.

Some of my brothers and sisters also have some slips,
and they are making new ones too...

So my mom is still alive in our memories and in her geranium(s)...

Here you can see my mom when she was young. It's the girl on the right side
I love this photo. Her and her friend's enthusiasm, their clothes and their attitude. :-)

Last year I wrote another blogpost about her: far away, but still near

And the year before I posted this one: to honour my mom


poppylocke said...

Beatiful tributes to your mum, I'm glad the geraniums are thriving. I read your previous posts and your mum's animations really made me smile. Best wishes to you

Marlou Kursten said...

Hallo Nelleke, ook wij hebben veel planten die we vertroetelen. Van allebei onze moeders, azalea's, geraniums en oleanders. Sommigen al wel 20 jaar oud. Heel bijzonder, vind ik dat.
Groetjes van Marlou

Unknown said...

mijn stek (geen bloemen) mooi groen en met het poeder 1 tak ernaast in de grond.
ja we missen onze moeder,