Oct 4, 2019

Circus Luna

And finally it is here! My new Children's Picture Book!

Last week the postman ( I love hoim ;-)) brought a box with my books. Always a superexcited moment! How will it look like? The colors, the size? Till then I've only seen it in a pdf on my screen ...

... and then ... I finally hold it in my hands. I feel it and I smell it. My book! Thanks to my Publisher De Eenhoorn. and their designer Dries Desseyn who did a great job! I'm very happy with it! I think I would buy it, when I hadn't made it myself, so that's a good sign!

The story is about Luna, who's going on a journey with the moon and she has a wonderful time in the circus. As you maybe know I love the circus theme. Long time I was a theater performer, using all kind of circus techniques. :-)

The book is available in the Dutch and Belgian bookstores and on the website of De Eenhoorn. I really hope that one day it will be translated in English ... It is not much text, but that would be great!

And then the postman brought anóther book ...!
I will post about that soon. Have a nice weekend!!

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Lies said...

Zàlig kijk/leesboek, Nelleke !