Sep 9, 2019

Online class: Creating Simple Characters

Good news! You now can subscribe for a brand new online art class: Creating Simple Characters. And guess what? I am the teacher :-)

In June this year we travelled to Seattle in the United States to film this class.Carla and Steve Sonheim invited me to come over to teach Quite an honor and an adventure!

And now the 24th of September the class goes life! Exciting!
You can watch the promo video here.

The class is about finding all kind of ways to create characters. Simple characters We start with making faces. It will be fun!


Then we gonna add bodies, make animal characters, give character to things and even to letters. At the end we gonna make a Simple Character book.We gonna play and experiment! You can find much more information here

On Carla's blog I answered three questions for people to get to know me a little bit better.
The first question was: How did you get into making 2D art and illustration?
Read it here

 The second question was: What kind of animal are you?
Read it here

And the last one: Name the top 3 why you draw.
Read it here

You are very welcome to join! Let's make some fun together!

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