Feb 11, 2012

IF: popularity

illustration friday: popularity


Rod MacGregor said...

Haha..like this...I am assuming this guy is a socialite who drinks a lot of coffee/tea and alcohol...but whether he is popular remains to be interpreted by the viewer...cool!

roberto M. said...

Hi, Nelleke!!
Another great illustration!
I love how you use one, two or three colors or tones
and all artwork has a very nice chromatic unity!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Jack Hunter said...

This has such a nice whimsical feel ... not to mention a beautiful color palette. Very nice, indeed.

Cindy D. said...

Haha, nice! I think I know a guy like that. Great choice of colors.

johbont said...

hij lijkt zichzelf nog amper op de been te houden
broek goed opgetrokken, steigerend dasje
wat een kater zal hij hebben

goeie tekening!

Koosje Koene said...

Haha! Don't we all know a guy like that? He feels very popular... But is he? A perfect illustrated character. Again. Love it!