Apr 19, 2013

moustaches, moustaches and moustaches...

Last week I took some time to play around with new materials.
I cut out some old paintings and used them in these little characters.

I'm always fascinated by moustaches, they are a big inspiration to me
So I used them as a subject to play with.
I don't know why, but they keep coming back in my work.

What I liked about making these characters was to play with the actual shape
and the shape that remains. It can bring you nice surprises.
I like that!

For more of my moustache illustrations click here and here
Have a nice weekend!


Rod MacGregor said...

Always love your stuff Nelleke...These collage characters are great!!

Unknown said...

Prachtige snorrenreeks!

roberto M. said...

Hey, my favorite brain!
How did I miss this?
as admirable as always!