Apr 15, 2013

Little big books: Illustrations for children's picture books

This book was already for a while on my wishlist.
little big books illustrations for children's picture books.

This afternoon I saw it in the bookstore and I couldn't resist to buy it.
It's beautiful, full with inspiring illustrations and illustrators.
Some of them I knew already, but there are also lots of new names.
I made a quick selection, but I assure you there's much much more!

Ana Ventura

Blex Bolex

Juanjo G. Oller

Violeta Lopiz


johbont x said...

mooi dat je weer een inspirerend boek hebt aangeschaft!

Puri Mollá said...

Love this book, I want it!
Thank you for share.

Fawa said...

Thank you for sharing this with us! I had to get a copy and all! And I am in love with it! ;)

Ana M.F. said...

wonderful images! Thanks for sharing.