Apr 11, 2013

100 days yoga challenge

I have something to share with you
Something I am really proud of and which makes me happy.
I wanna shout it out loud:

100 days bikram yoga challenge illustration

Maybe some of you know it already, but for some time I go often
to the Bikram yoga class in Rotterdam, preferably in the morning.

On the second of January I started a challenge: doing 100 days yoga-classes in a row.
First I didn't tell anybody about it, because I wanted to see for myself how far I would come. This morning I just had my 100th lesson.
So, I DIT IT!!

To celebrate this I will give a discount on this original yoga postcard set,
untill Thursday next week (the 18th of April)
The cards are inspired by my yoga lessons.

Have a look, they can be inspiring, also when you are not practising yoga ;-)


Helmi said...

Love your illustration! Thanks for sharing.

Jess said...

Brilliant! Well done with the 100 days and I love your illustrations!xx

Unknown said...

wow! super goed en de yoga kaarten zijn gewoon geweldig!

Unknown said...

prachtig Nelleke,
een fijne mijlpaal (!!!!)
gefeliciteerd en morgen het glas heffen.

roberto M. said...

Nelleke, I already told you, I love your brain ♥
and now I think I love your perseverance ♥
congratulations!!! :)

Annemieke said...

Yay, you did it! Contragulations Nelleke! And I looove your funny Yogo illustrations. :D

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Congratulations! I <3 the illustrations!