Apr 2, 2013

you are so beautiful...

Illustration for my new project

A good way to get inspiration and free your mind:
Sing out loud with your favorite song on the radio.

In this case 'you are so beautiful' sung by Joe Cocker.

When I was searching for the song on youtube,
I found this version of these three giants :
Billy Preston, Joe Cocker and Patti Labelle.
which is soooo good!

And what about you? Which song gives you inspiration?


Carole Reid said...

Great song choice by any of the singers you list here. My favourite inspiration song is Aretha Franklin's "Respect".

roberto M. said...

Four Geniuses ...
Who is the fourth?

Hannes said...

mooi figuur is ze, met haar krul kwafuur en jurk (die me aan tante Truus doet denken)

Koosje Koene said...

The curly hair and the curly tail! Fun! Great song indeed... but what IS that project you're working on??