Apr 24, 2013

orange dream

Next tuesday we will get a new King.
There's a lot going on around this day.
People prepare themselves for a big celebration

I had so much fun, when I went to the supermarket today.
There was a high heeled blond lady with drawn eye-brows.
She stood in front of me in the queue for the cash desk

She bought all kind of orange props. It was for her and her friend, she told me:
an orange crown, a pair of braces, orange hawaiian necklaces, an orange cowboy hat
and real Dutch treacle-waffles in orange wrapping

I saw this couple in my fantasy celebrating this party together
It made my day :-)


roberto M. said...

OK, my favorite brain! I have also something to celebrate, remember that his wife, Máxima is from my country!
Congratulations on the new king to all Dutch! :))))

Unknown said...

ze staan er stoer bij! Prachtig
ja het land zindert, oranje prullaria puilen uit de schappen.