Jun 5, 2013

Route du Nord

As I said I participate, with many other artists,
in an exhibition this weekend: Route du Nord
It's an Art Festival including Art, Music and Performances.

For this exhibition I selected nine faces from my face a day project.
It is the first time they are in an exhibition.

Today the prints I ordered where ready. For this occasion
I had them sticked on aluminium. Very nice, tight and bright.
We have put them up, not an easy job to get them straight,
but we made it :-)

Friday night will be the opening of the festival
and it continues the whole weekend. I will be there too.
So if people wanna come by and say hello, you are welcome!


robin cox walsh said...

Looks great! Good luck on opening night! (Do you mind if I ask; did you have them printed from an online printer? And what type of aluminum and how do you attach the prints?robin rcwdesign@aol.com

Carole Reid said...

Hi Nelleke. Your faces look fabulous on the wall! What do you mean "stuck on aluminum"? I've never seen or heard of that before.

Carole Reid said...

PS I wish I could come by to see and say hello!

nelleke said...

@rcwdesign and Carol: Thanks!

The prints are printed at a high quality print store in my neighbourhood, they also sticked them on a thin aluminium plate and on the backside there's a little frame, so you can easily hang it on the wall. I think they also do this a lot with photos.

I must say I like it very much, you don't need glass in this way, so the colors stay very intensive.

Unknown said...

Ziet er super uit! en de techniek ziet er interessant uit, heel handig en vooral heel mooi! succes!

Vicki Smith said...

Good luck! It sounds like a fun event!

Unknown said...

hangen mooi, ben benieuwd en heb zin er zondag bij te zijn!!

Claire Wildish said...

WOOWWW!!! They look fantastic! So bold!! Congratulations!

Cindi said...

I have just started using aluminum prints and they are well-received! Perfect for crisp images and bright colors.

Love your faces. It looks like a fun exhibit.

Melissa Mackie said...

Looks great Nelleke! I love all the illustrations that you have selected.

Patrice A. said...

wat leuk!
en in Rotterdam
MIJN stad
misschien een volgende keer