Jun 16, 2013

Urlaub: illustration and concept store

We have a new store in Holland:


It is a whole new illustration and concept store in Utrecht
(in the center of our country)
It's open for a few weeks now.

The creative brain behind this all is Ellen Vesters
Ellen is an enthusiastic, social and generous illustrator.
She has a great organizing and 'bringing together' talent.

I think it's a brilliant idea to name your shop and studio: Urlaub,
the German word for holiday... When you go to your work,
you also go on holiday ;-) I love this kind of creativity!

Besides a real shop and studio, Urlaub openend also a webshop
where they sell their beautiful stuff:
prints, zines, postcards and so much more!

I'm happy Ellen asked me if she could sell some of my prints and postcards
too in her Urlaub shop. I'm in good company there :-)

I didn't see the real life shop yet, but I certainly will go there and have a look
and meet Günther, the doorman with the sun glasses
When he's outside, Urlaub is open :-)


Unknown said...

gefeliciteerd! Weer een winkel waar jou werk te koop is.

Unknown said...

Zier er super uit Nelleke, erg leuke shop en goede naam. duits in namen is geloof ik wel in op het moment;-) Grappig idee met Günther, hihi.